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GRE How To: Get Started With GRE Math Prep | GRE Study Tips

We are going over the GRE that's as much excitement you know what we're gonna change your mindset here like we could we can make this exciting look we can do this like this is the only thing stopping in between us and our school program of choice and we are going to conquer it that's what we're gonna do but we have to like attack it with like I don't this may seem corny but like we really do need to attack this with like a mindset that we're gonna conquer this if we keep on saying oh my god it's the GRE again like I think that it's just always gonna be an uphill battle for us so I'm gonna practice what I preach and say, "Yes! Yes! We are going to be studying for the GRE which is gonna be something that sting is closer to our goals.

Anyway as a reminder we are working off of the Manhattan prep 5-pound GRE book of practice problems at this point I feel like I'm selling this book for them I'm not this is not sponsored I'm just I literally got this book from a friend who is a really great job on his GRE test and never needs to see this book again so he said it's good to trust him so this is what we're working off of if you have any other suggestions for GRE study books put them in the comments below so that we can work off of those - I just did the math diagnostic test and you know what this one was actually a little bit more difficult for me for the verbal test
 I finished with six minutes to spare and for the math test I actually end up skipping two questions and when I went back to the questions I basically worked on them until the time ran out so math is definitely a subject that I have improved on since I have been in business school but its still not you know my supreme superpower lucky for me my supreme superpower is determination and I am determined to help us get through this and navigate successfully so I ended up gaining a few video ideas from this because of the many things I've noticed in this journey like first careless mistakes I ended up making a silly mistake that cost me an answer,

 I could have gotten 12 out of 20but I literally added things incorrectly so definitely lookout for a video on how to make sure you avoid those careless mistakes so that the questions that you get wrong you actually earned getting that wrong rather than just messing up I said there's nothing wrong with earning getting the wrong answer but it's those times when you actually get the wrong answer but you were about to get the right answer those are the ones that really frustrate me and I want to make sure that I eliminate those at all costs those are the ones I should be getting right there are some things I encountered that made it look a lot like the GMAT so it really taught me that I'm still gonna need to learn how to break down the numbers even though
 there's a calculator I think that there has to be some kind of strategy and when you're gonna use the calculator don't know what that strategy is we're gonna figure that out together and that's that a calculator is not gonna help you conceptualize a problem so there's still gonna be some work that needs to be done in order for us to know what we're supposed to do next it's one thing to be able to put numbers in the calculator it's another thing to know which numbers to actually put in the calculator so we'll be spending some time during the quantitative videos understanding how to approach a problem so the numbers I skipped 4 12 and 18we're gonna do some videos on how to break those down so that we can make sure that we know what to do on the next steps I'm saying we as if we missed that I don't know if you missed that
 if you didn't great job now number20 was really interesting because there is definitely a trap answer on there forme I actually forgot how to do what's called combinatorics basically trying to figure out the number combinations for a coder or something like that and I actually started multiplying as if it were a factorial so we will go into detail on how to identify what to do and win and thenI'll also link some videos I found helpful in YouTube because
 I mean why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to so how did you do on the math diagnostic test put your answers in the comments below and I will make sure to make some videos to address the specific areas that you're looking to work on I know that if you need help on something we probably do too so don't be afraid to share it in this nice little safe bubble of a YouTube community that we'rebuilding now I realize that you know I'm gonna be like talking
 to myself for a little bit before you know all of you come and you know catch up with all my videos but that is okay something for you to know is that I have made a commitment to you to do two videos a week Tuesdays and Fridays at 8a.m.

and we are just gonna go through this GRE journey together all of us are taking the GRE for some kind of goal and I fiercely believe that if you an Iowanso I am so happy that you're watching my channel and it is an honor to be you know working toward our goals together.

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