Deen Dayal Upadhaya ujaval jyoti yojana

it is a yojana of government of India designed to provide a continuous power supply 24/7 to rural areas of India the initiative is named in honorable man or we can say a very good political philosopher of India Mr. Deen dayal upadhyaya. it is one of the key initiative of the nda Government (2014-19)
the government plans to invest 756₹ billion for rural electrification under the scheme .we can say that ,it is a very good replacement of Rajiv gandgi grameen vidyutikaran yogana(RGGVY).
 The DDUGJY scheme will be enable to initiate much more awaited reformers in the villages  or rural areas it only focus on the feeder separation like(house-holders & agriculture)and strength of sub transmission. this will help in providing hole day power to the rural areas house holders and aquatic power to agriculture consumer.

The ministry of power has launched a GARV-II app to provide real time data all six lakh of villages in our rural areas, the dead line of rural electrification program was on may 2017
From latest survey or on google information 5150 villages in all over the India are yet to be electrified

Main points regarding yojana
1. To provide electrification to all villages
2. Feeder separation to insure sufficient power to farers and regular supply to other village consumers
3. Metering to reduce the losses
4. Improvement of sub transmission an d distribution network to improve the quality and reliability of the supply

Total financial
-750 ₹ is assumed as the money of requirement

-But from February 28 -17 yojana total consumption has goes on to 630₹ billion 

Urja Daksh LED Bulb Ujala Yojana - LED Bulb Distribution

This yojna was introduced by state government of MADHYA PRADESH in consort with central government of INDIA (Ministry of power). Piyush Goyal will inaugurate the LED bulb distribution. 3 Crore LED bulbs would be distributed all over the State. The LED bulb distributed in this yojna at very low cost of Rs 85 per bulb.

Highlighting the features of the bulb, bulb would be of 9 watt, but illuminate like 100 watt bulb. It will have replacement warranted of 3 years under this scheme. The minimum working capacity the LED bulb of this yojna would be 30,000 hours. As this bulb would illuminate like 100 watt bulb, hence there would be power saving of 91 percent . The Urja Vikas Nigam of MADHYA PRADESH apply this at no profit no loss.

These LED bulbs would be distributed through the medium of fixed distribution agents and Indian Government’s Energy Efficient Services Limited would give the portion in this attentiveness.  Bulbs would also be distributed through corporation’s Akshay Urja shops, markets, post office, power bills collection centre, etc . Any consumer can get it by showing his / her identity card.

Interesting points are that the use of one LED bulb of Urja daksh LED bulb Ujala Yojna :

1 . Power of 25 to 30 units could be saved every year . It means one could have saving of Rs 150 to Rs 180 in a year.
2 . Solar pumps would also be provided to farmers and this will help them in power cut problems and non - availability of power.
He also informed about scheme related to grid connected roof top solar plant. Manu Shrivastava said that LED bulbs would be distributed by corporation on no loss no profit basis , and The government of MADHYA PRADESH also trying that Government and semi government officials shall purchase the LED bulb from corporation itself.
Under this scheme, the state ( MADHYA PRADESH ) government will distribute 20 lakh LED bulbs in Reewa district alone within 6 - 12 months . The state government of Madhya Pradesh will also provide power efficient fans and agricultural pumps to villagers. If application success fully across the state (MADHYA PRADESH), the Yojna (scheme) will prove to be great initiative towards saving energy and towards MADHYA PREDESH development .

Eligibility for getting Urja Daksh LED bulb Ujala Yojna:

1 . The person must be residential of MADHYA PRADESH district
2 . The person should have identity card to take benefit of Urja Daksh LED Bulb Yojna .

 The availability of the LED bulb by Urja Daksh LED bulb Ujala Yojna is in MADHYA PRADESH at following locations:
1 . Akshay Urja Shop
2 . Markets
3 . Post offices
4 . Power bills collection centers

Process to get LED bulb under Urja daksh LED bulb Ujala Yojna :

1 . Any person can get LED bulb under this scheme by only showing identity card.
2 . Just go to any distribution center.
3 . Once  visit , show your identity proof and pay the minimum amount of Rs. 85 per bulb.
The main objective of Urja Daksh LED bulb Ujala Yojna from state government of MADHYA PRADESH is to make MADHYA PRADESH a developed , to give all villagers the electricity so they can be able to take benefits of Urja daksh LED bulb Ujala Yojna and to initiate MADHYA PRADESH for Energy saving state by these LED bulb scheme because LED gives much more light energy than it consumes . So we should take useful benefit of This Yojna which is given by our state Government of MADHYA PRADESH.


Atal pension yojana is a government pension scheme of India . By the Prime Minister of India Mr.  NARENDRA MODI on 9 May launched in Kolkata”.It is for all Indian people .
Who can apply ?
1.The person who do not have government job.
3.Small shop.
4. The person who not get monthly income.
5. Very poor people.

Benefits of  (APY)
1.      One of the greatest benefits of the scheme may be enjoyed by the poorer sections of society.
2.       For getting this scheme your age between 18 to 40 .
3.      Those subscriber join APY before 31dec.,2015 get the benefit from the government.
4.      Monthly pension will depend on the contribution . The min. amount pension will be Rs.1000 and max. will be 5000.
5.      Subscriber can invest monthly ,quarterly ,half-yearly or yearly.
6.      A person have any saving account in any bank.
Key Highlights of APY
1.All bank account holders may join APY.
2.Guaranteed minimum monthly pension for the subscribers ranging between rs. 1000 and rs 5000 per month.
3.The benefit of minimum pension would be guaranteed by the Gov.
4. APY is applicable to all citizen of India aged between 18-40 years.
.In case of death of subscriber during the pension phase ,i.e.after 60 years of age ,pension would be available to the spouse ;the pension wealth accumulated till age 60 years of the subscriber would be returned the nominee.
If no payment is made the scheme-
1. For 6 months, the  account will be frozen.
2. For 12 months, the  account will be deactivated.
3. For 24 months, the account will be closed .
Some important things to remember to fill the forms
1.Personal Details like AADHAR NO. date of birth ,married , mobile no. ,age , nominee name, additional details of nominee.
1.Only 5000 will get in future not more than .
2. Auto-debit.
3.A fine or penalty will have to give 1 rs. To 10 rs.
4.a person who is running APY dies before the age of 60, the nominee will only get the deposited amount.

 Indicative Contribution for Various Pension Options
Entry Age for APY
Years of Contribution
Monthly Pension  1000
Monthly Pension  2000
Monthly Pension  3000
Monthly Pension  4000
Monthly Pension  5000
NSDL SITE –it is trusted , authorized, do not go to any site for the scheme,in this site you will get hole details and it is authorized by government.
You may ask question related to the scheme.

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Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojana was started by the department of ministry of rural development in 25 Dec 2000. The main aim of PMGSY [Pradhan mantri gram sadak yojana] is to connect the villages or small rural areas of population of 500 or more than 500 peoples. This scheme was stared by the prime minister atal bihari Vajpayee and prabhoj singh in 2000. The average speed to constructed the to roads in PMGSY is 98.5 kilometer everyday according to serve in 2004 to 2014
          The plan was to construct an ‘’ADARSH GRAM’’ [modern village] in all over the India. The management of this scheme in the hand of department of ministry of rural development. It is fully central Govt. of India scheme which covered 1,78,184 villages or small rural areas. The fact that 1,14,540 means 60 percent of villages or rural areas are eligible or this scheme. The PMGSY has been provide the fund to construct the road of 4,6,977 km.
               The Madhya Pradesh was the state who construct the highest kilometers of road they construct 63,548 km of roads. All other state are also construct the road { Rajasthan[58,462 km] Uthar Pradesh [45,905 km] Bihar [35,510] and Orissa [35,019 km] . through this scheme govt. of India provide the work to the people that is also a aim to provide jobs to peoples in this scheme. Now present prime minister Mr. Narendra modi launched an app for rural areas people related to pradhan mantri gram sadak yojana. In this app the told there complains and suggestions and give feedback and upload a photo of breakage road and in this app govt. solve their problems in as soon as.

             The main to this scheme is to complete all the road those are under constructed in this scheme. Govt. target was to connected all the rural area above the population of 500 or more than 500 to the city . 

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·       Introduction  
It is an Indian central government scheme.
It was declared at the ministry of Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee.
When he was prime minister of India. It passed under the ministry of MoRD. This rural scheme was launched on 1 April 1999,17 year ago. the main motto of this  central government scheme was to provide sustainable income to poorest rural people who  were under the poverty line. The main motive to launch this amazing scheme for rural people was to make them self dependent and skill full and grow up them above the poverty line. It is launched also to  give self employment to the rural.
                                    For this scheme fund was given by the NGO‘s, banks and financial institutions. Till now over 2.25 million  self help group established with an investment of ₹14,403 crore profiting  over 6.697 million people.
Working of scheme is very good in the view of financial category. The self helped groups (SHG) helped the villagers to come up the poverty line. Self helped group helped group helped them by the teaching them skills and develop their ability in ngo’s and training center. The self helped group is helped financially by the NGO’S, CBO’S,INDIVIDUALS and BANK. They provide the enough fund to the self helped group and then self helped group provide the training to villagers and improve their skill and make them self dependent person. By the financial helped they make them overcome from the poverty line.

For this scheme many of banks, ngo’s, cbo’s and individuals give the sufficient fund for the villagers to come up from the poverty line. They give the fund to the government for this scheme and then government provide the training to the villagers and improve their school. Government provide funds as per candidate 30 percent of the total capital investment if the total investment is less than Rs.7500  and 50 percent of the investment for sc/STs if the investment is less than Rs.10,000.In this scheme subsidy system is also allowed  for villagers. And reservation is also auccered. For the self helped group  subsidy is 50 percent if their total income is less than 1.25 lakh and for SC/STs subsidy is about 50% and for women subsidy is given of 40% ,for physically challenged subsidy is given of 3% of the total beneficiaries of the scheme.   
·     RESULT
Since 1999 ,around 2.252 million self helped group have been established comprising 3.554 million people. This scheme has been benefited around 3.143 million self-employed individuals. The total investment provided for this scheme has been calculated at Rs.14,403.73 crores including Rs.12,00 crore provided from the government of the India for the calendar year 2006-07.Of the beneficiaries 45.54 percent have been SC/STs and 47.85 percent, women. This scheme has been helped lots of rural of Indian country and make them financially strong as they can live without dependentation and make their and their children future bright.

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This scheme was launched by central government of India to increase the availability of cooking gas to the women, working whole day long in their kitchen especially to women Below Poverty Line (BPL). As we all know a huge population of our country belongs to rural area, which are deprived of their daily basic requirements like electricity, fuel and other necessities. Especially women from rural area spend their almost full day, cooking for their families for which they are resorting to cheaper but more hazardous cooking fuels like coal or wood. Because of which they are harming health of their families and themselves. To improve health of these women and letting them not to cook for hours in front of “sigdi” (a traditional cooking stove made up of mud and uses coal or wood as fuel), government has launched Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) scheme which is affordable as well as cleaner to them.
Let us know what actually this scheme is:
For more sustainable way to understand this scheme let us see this table below:-
Scheme name
      Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana
Free LPG connection
Who can apply
Below Poverty Line
Documents required
BPL card
Government funding
2000 Crore
No. of Benefited families
5 Crore
Improvisation in health and pollution control
Indian and above 18 year
Scheme years

To improve availability and application for PMUY scheme there are particular measures taken:
·        To apply for the scheme a application form is available in all LPG distributors all over the country.
·        This form is available for free of cost.
·        Application form to be filled with basic details like name, contact details, bank account details.
·        Application form must be submitted with a set of mandatory documents which has to be attached with application.
1.     BPL certificate issued by panchayat or municipal department.
2.     The BPL ration card issued to women.
3.     Aadhar card or Voter ID card has to submit as a proof for a Photo ID.
4.     Photo should be passport size with recent date.
·        An applicant can specify the type of cylinder to be needed according to its weight which is 15.2kg and 5kg.
·        After completion of application form, it has to be handed over to the LPG distribution service provider itself.

The PMUY scheme has a objective to bridge a gap for poor families by providing LPG at no cost. Basically the main aim is providing healthy environment for the family while cooking with cooking gas that advances the life of entire family but the secondary or u can say most important aim is empowering the women of this country physically (by good health) as well as financially as they run the entire household.
The scheme therefore envisages providing the gas with the woman of the house being the direct beneficiary. Families belonging to Below Poverty Line, their woman would be empowered by this scheme to apply and be the absolute holder of the free cooking gas supply.
As government has set about 2000 Crore in the current budget to cater this scheme and have a vision to reach about a population of 1.5 Crore consumers of this scheme.
Different issues that Ujjwala Yojana would be addressing are as follows:
·        This empowers the women in our society specially belonging to Below Poverty Line and giving them a place filled respect in their families and the society.
·        Reducing air pollution caused due to emission of various harmful gases by burning of fossil fuels for cooking in rural areas.
·        Not only it is damaging the environment from burning fossil fuels, it has also affected enormously health hazard issues to the individuals. This issue can also be addressed by the usage of LPG.
·        India has surveyed that up to 5 lakh deaths have occurred due to usage of unclean cooking gases. Therefore, this project visions to reduce the no. of humans dying.
·        Usage of unclean fuels has led to fatalities in rural areas yet it has also been seen that it has increased a no. of respiratory problems to the children living in rural area. So this scheme is also expected to eradicate this problem.

So this was all about Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana. Hopefully, no of people in rural areas subscribe to this scheme and hence can take full advantage of this scheme which will help them to live a healthy life.

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