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How to Score a 6 on Analytical Writing - GRE

hey everyone welcome back to the GRE howto series will we make studying for the GRE a whole lot more tolerable today we're gonna go over the five key things you need to do to ensure your success on the analytical writing portion all right tied we're back in the normal setting it's gonna be a great ride today is a video that comes from one of our viewers thank you so much for kicking off this series I think we're gonna end up doing three videos on how to do well on the analytical writing portion this is definitely an overlooked section for some people,
 but it's not something to sleep on just because the score for the analytical writing portion isn't included into your 300 whatever score doesn't mean that it's not important in fact it could actually be something that could break a situation rather than make a situation for example if you have this wonderful application no matter what school you go to and it's well-written it's awesome but you end up getting a zero on your analytical writing portion.

people might start to wonder if you actually really wrote your application or if you had a lot of help so it's always great to just put your best foot forward throughout the entire exam and I'm going to show you how you can do so for those of you who don't know there are going to be two essays on the GRE and they're 30 minutes each one of them is analyzed an issue and the others analyze argument so this is going to be a multi-video series when it comes to doing well on the analytical writing portions.

 because we're going to dive deeply into the issue essay and the argument essay separately so stay tuned for more videos on that so I'm going to jump into five key things you can do to make sure that you get a great score on the analytical writing alright so number five on the list is to make it easier for your graders the fact of the matter is you have real people grading your essays and you want to make sure that you are making sure that they're
 using their time evaluating the best of what you have to offer rather than trying to decipher what you mean by X or Y and the way you can make sure that you're optimizing the time that they're using to grade your papers is to number one be mindful of your spelling and number to be mindful of your grammar structure this is you know this is an opportunity to get it evaluated but it's not the time to kind of show off in a way that you can't back it up so my advice for you is if you want to use a big word great it's actually great to show your vocabulary but only use words that you can spell correctly no need to go and say the in Tiffany or in whatever word that
 I can't think of right now because it's just like it's not worth it number four is making sure you're writing clearly to guide the reader throughout your entire essay I used to be a really disorganized writer and my dad was a language arts teacher and he would always kind of get whiplash trying to figure out what I mean by what I'm writing and what he told me that really helped me was that you can kind of think of writing like driving in order to really be successful on the road you need signal which way you're gonna go so that you don't confuse the other drivers around you you need to mind the stopsign having that kind of thought process while you are writing is actually
 really important you are trying to let the reader knows the path that you are about to go on so maybe something that you would write in the opening paragraph sounds a little bit like X is the right way to go because of three reasons what comes after that are your three paragraphs describing those reasons and a way to do a really great signal to let the reader knows which is a simple word really first second third or finally to actually signal that you are at three of three stops those tiny tiny little words make a big difference on how organized
 your essay is perceived to be so definitely start internalizing some transition words some things are really great signals to let people know where are you going because organization is a critical piece in this the next tip is to aim for 500 words I hate to be the hard and fast person that says oh it must be this amount of words but its undeniable that length actually does matter in these standardized tests and you really can't hope to do well if you just submit two paragraphs and say there answered your question so aim for the 500 word mark but don't fill all of it with fluff I mean
 it's it's just such a big balance to you know make sure that you are are hitting the right chord I really don't want you to really fill things with nonsense because that could actually hurt you more than it could help you and the next one is just try not to repeat words and there's only one exception to that and that exception is if you have to use the keywords for the argument 
you want to use those a lot when necessary so if it's not like a keyword that you are writing about you want to make sure that you try to limit them as much as possible this is an opportunity to flex your vocabulary muscles try some different transition points all of those are things that are going to boost the perception of your essay so in general don't repeat words too much unless they are the keywords of the subject matter and lastly the number one thing that you must do to ensure your success in the analytical writing portion is to leave a minute to proofread 
there is no spellcheck on this interface so it's really up to you to read over it make sure it seems to most organized and make sure that you're not missing simple words like the or even other words that you decide to use within your essay it's just a great way to spend your last minute to make sure that it is ready to send off to those sets graders and they give you that six that you deserve that's all we have for today if you liked this video please give me a thumbs up and please keep on sending suggestions and the kinds of videos that you want to see if you haven't subscribed yet this is a great time its summer it's a wonderful day let's go for it I'll see you next time.

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