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GRE: How to score a perfect 170 in Quants

Review from JJ: hi guys this is JJ here and I'm really happy to see over here I just recently gave the GRE and scored a perfect 117points I did it and I believe so can you so in this video we'll go about which books to refer for quants how much preparation time you need to give in what should be the test-taking strategy and the number of mocks you must attempts this is it let's start point by point the first pertinent question is why is it really really important to score exceptionally well in quants now for all those people who are pursuing engineering courses who want to pursue engineering courses for their ms your points is much much more important than your verbal of course there is a minimum Greek wine requirement for your verbal score,

 but it is your Quorn score which the admission committee looks at scoring a 170 will give you a 97 percentile the chart is displayed on the left-hand side you can look at it scoring a 169 will drop the percentile to 96 so that means that 4% people are ahead of you if you score 165 not much less than 170 only five points less maybe you have got five questions wrong so it is 165 but your percentile drastically drops to 89 percentile and1% is a huge huge margin a lot of test-takers all over the world take GREand one person, therefore, consists of a huge lot of students so someone who has a percentile which is one which is 94 or 97would definitely have a good chance of securing admission at the college you are applying so maybe the difference is not more it's just one sixty-five months one seventy only five points but the difference in percentile is huge so this is the first thing you need to understand you got five wrong and,
 you got three wrong there is a huge difference so what you need to do in Kwon's is attempt that you get a one seventy or maybe a 169 I wouldn't suggest that but one seventy would be perfect so this is the first scenario of percentile which you should keep in mind your one wrong question will cost you severely now let's understand GRE as an adaptive test GRE is a section-wise adaptive test there two sections in quants the first section is of moderate difficulty in each section you will have to answer 20questions so in the first section which is of moderate difficulty if you answer16 or more questions correctly the second section which,

 you will getwould be a harder one the difficult section if you answer somewhere inbetween 10 to 15 questions correct the second section would be of moderatedifficulty so the difficulty level of your first section and the secondsection would be the same however which should not be your case if you answer 10or less than 10 correct you will get a significantly easier set as your secondsection but this doesn't mean that if you get all the questions right in yoursecond section you have a chance of scoring high in fact it is opposite ofthat with every section which is adapted maybe it is easier moderate or difficultyour total marks are limited so if you want to score 170 or maybe more than 165first of all you need to score well in your first section so that the nextsection you get is a difficult one and if you want to score 170 the concept isreally really simple you need to get 20 questions correct in your first sectionand when the test arrives at the difficult section you again need to getthe the same amount of questions correct and it is pretty simple then you can get aperfect 170 now there is some site called BrightLink prep comm which gives,
you an estimate or roughly an estimate which are not the official figures but which gives you an estimate of how much you score can be if you add an X number of correct questions in the first section and if you do Y number of core equations in the second section so the link for that and all other prep material and all other stuff which will be this which we will be discussing in the video will be down in the description so you can check that in the description now let's discuss the best books for preparation now there are a lot of books in the market but this is not the video for the pros and cons of each right now,
 what you should know is the ultimate preparation books so the complete and exhaustive preparation you will get is from the two books number one which you should start with is the Manhattan 5lbnow there are four types of questions you will encounter in your GRE number one is the quantitative comparisons questions number to the regular MCQ questions number three multiple answer correct questions so now in the third type of questions you will have five options and from those five options maybe two are right one is right or maybe,
 all five are right so you need to be careful while attempting this type of question and the number four questions inputting the answer for this questions you would not have the option but whatever your answer is you would have to input it in the box which is given to you now all these types of questions are covered exhaustively in manhattan 5lb there are 30 topics for quants which is a lot to do so you can do each topic a day so in 30 days you can complete all the things so the preparation is quite complete if you solve each and every problem of quants from manhattan 5lb once you are done with that then you need to go to the ets official subject guide of quants so this book is a small book the number of questions is not many but,
 this is very important to get the real feel of the type of questions which you would get in the exam so this book you can complete in four days and after you complete both of these books you require no other test material you can directly go to attempting mocks and scoring your dream score of 170 the most important part of the video is right here the test-taking strategies now generally there are two schools of attempting the test sections so you have 20 questions and 35 minutes to add on the section the number one is played slow-played safe I actually do not recommend this but I would like to tell you what it is playing it slow so this actually means that in the 35 minutes which are allotted to you to solve 20questions you use around 30 to 32 minutes to solve each question slowly safely double-checking your answer whether,
 it is right or not so you end up using 30 30 to 32 minutes and you have no time to go to the questions again now if you are pretty confident that all of your answers are correct then this may work for you but this is certainly what I wouldn't recommend the second school of thinking is what I would recommend play it fast and play it twice now fat fast doesn't actually mean play it risky number one what you should do is leave the questions which you don't know when you read it for the first time all the questions which you know for the first time when you read it attend those questions would get solved in around thirty-five to fifty seconds the questions which you don't know please don't attempt them at the first chance
 so from the 20 questions there are 15 questions you can definitely solve in the first attempt now there are some five questions which are difficult and which would take around two to two and a half minutes, not all the questions would take around two to two and a half minutes but definitely some of them would do so for that five questions you have ten minutes in hand so what I used to do with practice and practice was that I used to solve the first ten questions in our first 15 questions which were the easier ones from the 20 in around 12 to 13 minutes and then the five questions which were difficult or which I wouldn't get in the first attempt of reading I would allot10 minutes to it I would require 10 minutes to it and in such a scenario
I was completing the 20 questions in around 22 to 23 minutes so right now I have 12 more minutes in my hand so what I would like to do is play twice go through all the questions twice first of all mark the questions which you think that you should go again so first go through those questions and again all of the questions so by attempting by using this strategy you are quite sure that all of your questions are correct and with practice this is very easily possible
I would like to give you a note on ideal time of preparation I would like to tell you one thing that GRE is not your life it is just another examI've seen people preparing for it for six months one year absolutely ridiculous you should not allot more time than two months for preparing to a GRE because it doesn't require it specifically speaking you should give in around 150 to 180 hours for your preparation but I was preparing for GRE for the first woman
I give to us daily that accounted for 60 hours and in the last 15 days I used to solve mocks in four hours and used to give four hours for the mock analysis and revising my concepts throughout the days so for the 15 days I studied it as a day so that around approximately goes to 160 to 180 hours now the number of mocks you should give number of mocks ideally I think it would vary from 4 to 6 I gave 6 mocks and I was comfortable with it anything above 6
I would think that it will tire you out and that is not a recommendation because the same concepts would be coming again and again you would be solving the same sums and 6marks which each mark is off for us so it is quite tiring so 6 marks is the maximum you should give and after that just chill for a week or so just revise your concepts just go through your vocabulary brush up your concepts or week before GRE you should do absolutely nothing just to brush up your concepts and go to the GRE and hopefully you will be able to score a perfect 117 points just do what I've said and all the best for you oh one last thing one last thing if this video has helped you a bit or
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