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RGPV CBGS Engineering Graphics Syllabus BT 1005 Credit Based Grading System (CBGS) ED

RGPV Credit Based Grading System Engineering Graphics Syllabus BT 1005  (CBGS) ED

As we know that the Rajiv Gandhi Proudhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal i.e. RGPV is the biggest government technical University in the MP and it is only 1 government technical University in this state. The RGPV University present in the syamala Hills , Bhopal and all official work done only in the campus. It has many affiliated colleges which obey the all rules and regulations of that university. 
                    In the current session RGPV launches new courses of those students who are taking admission under the RGPV University Credit Based Grading System (CBGS) and after the completion of that course student will get B. Tech degree from the RGPV University.

               Here we Give the details of 1st year syllabus; please not it very carefully. and it is common for all branches like IT,EC,EE, EX,IP,IEM,CM,BT,BM, CS, EI / IC, CE, ME, FT, TX, AU,
MI, & AT (Information Technology, Electronics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, Bio medical, Mechanical, Fire technology, Textiles, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering Branches) .We are also advised to you please refer the official website of RGPV; of RGPV; i.e. for more clarification.

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RGPV CBGS Engineering Graphics Syllabus - Code BT 1005 ED

Unit I

Scales: Representative factor, plain scales, diagonal scales, scale of chords.
Conic sections: Construction of ellipse, parabola, hyperbola by different methods; Normal and Tangent.

Special  Curves:  Cycloid,  Epi-cycloid,  Hypo-cycloid,  Involutes, Archimedean and logarithmic spirals.
Unit II

Projection: Types of projection, orthographic projection, first and third angle projection, Projection of points and lines, Line inclined to one plane, inclined with both the plane, True Length and True Inclination, Traces of straight lines.
Unit III

Projection of planes and solids: Projection of Planes like circle and polygons in different positions; Projection of polyhedrons like prisms, pyramids and solids of revolutions like cylinder, cones in different positions.
Unit IV

Section of Solids: Section of right solids by normal and inclined planes; Intersection of cylinders.
Development of Surfaces: Parallel line and radial - line method for right solids.
Unit V

Isometric Projections: Isometric scale, Isometric axes, Isometric Projection from orthographic drawing.

Computer Aided Drafting (CAD): Introduction, BTnefit, software’s basic commands of drafting entities like line, circle, polygon, polyhedron, cylinders; transformations and editing commands like move, rotate, mirror, array; solution of projection problems on CAD.


1.            Visvesvaraya Tech. University; A Premier on Computer Aided Engg drawing; VTU BTlgaum

2.            Bhatt N.D.; Engineering Drawing, Charotar

3.            Venugopal K.;Engineering Graphics; New Age

4.            John KC; Engg. Graphics for Degree; PHI.

5.            Gill P.S.; Engineering Drawing; kataria

6.            Jeyopoovan T.; Engineering drawing & Graphics Using AutoCAD; Vikas

7.            Agrawal and Agrawal; Engineering Drawing;TMH

8.            Shah MB and Rana BC; Engg.drawing; Pearson Education

9.            Luzadder WJ and Duff JM; Fundamental of Engg Drawing; PHI
10           Jolhe DA; Engg. Drawing an Introduction; TMH Narayana K.L.; Engineering Drawing; Scitech 

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