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RGPV English Syllabus BT103 BTech | New Scheme Based On AICTE Flexible Curricula

As we know that the Rajiv Gandhi Proudhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal i.e. RGPV is the biggest government technical University in the MP and it is only 1 government technical University in this state. The RGPV University present in the syamala Hills , Bhopal and all official work done only in the campus. It has many affiliated colleges which obey the all rules and regulations of that university. 
                    In the current session RGPV launches new courses of those students who are taking admission under the RGPV University Credit Based Grading System (CBGS) and after the completion of that course student will get B. Tech degree from the RGPV University.

               Here we Give the details of 1st year syllabus; please not it very carefully. and it is common for all branches like IT,EC,EE, EX,IP,IEM,CM,BT,BM, CS, EI / IC, CE, ME, FT, TX, AU,
MI, & AT (Information Technology, Electronics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, Bio medical, Mechanical, Fire technology, Textiles, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering Branches) .We are also advised to you please refer the official website of RGPV; of RGPV; i.e. www.rgpv.ac.in for more clarification.

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RGPV English Syllabus - Code BT 103

English COURSE CONTENTS:                

Unit-I Identifying Common errors in writing:

Articles, Subject-Verb Agreement, Prepositions, Active and
Passive Voice, Reported Speech: Direct and Indirect, Sentence Structure.

Unit-II Vocabulary building and Comprehension:

Acquaintance with prefixes and suffixes from foreign languages in English to form derivatives, synonyms, antonyms, Reading comprehension.

Unit-III Communication:

Introduction, Meaning and Significance, Process of Communication, Oral and Written Communication, 7 c’s of Communication, Barriers to Communication and Ways to overcome them, Importance of Communication for Technical students, nonverbal communication.

Unit-IV         Developing Writing Skills:

Planning, Drafting and Editing, Precise Writing, Précis, Technical definition and Technical description. Report Writing: Features of writing a good Report, Structure of a Formal Report, Report of Trouble, Laboratory Report, Progress Report.

Unit-V Business Correspondence:

Importance of Business Letters, Parts and Layout; Application, Contents of good Resume, guidelines for writing Resume, Calling/ Sending Quotation, Order, Complaint, E-mail and Tender.
Books Recommended:
1.         ‘Technical Communication : Principles and practice’, Meenakshi Raman and Sangeeta Sharma (Oxford)

2.         ‘Effective Business Communication’, Krizan and merrier (Cengage learning)
3.         ‘Communication Skill, Sanjay Kumar and pushlata, OUP2011
4.         “Practical English Usage Michael Swan OUP, 1995.
5.         “Exercises in spoken English Parts I-III CIEFL, Hyderabad, Oxford University Press
6.         On writing well, William Zinsser, Harper Resource Book 2001.
7.         Remedial English Grammar, F.T. Wood,Macmillan2007.

Course Outcomes:

The student will acquire basic proficiency in English including reading and listening comprehension, writing and speaking skills.

Communicative Language Laboratory:

Course objective: The language laboratory focuses on the practice of English through audio-visual aids and Computer software. It intends to enable the students to speak English correctly with confidence and intends to help them to overcome their inhibitions and self –consciousness while speaking in English. Topics to be covered in the Language laboratory sessions:
1.         Listening Comprehension.
2.         Pronunciation, Intonation, Rhythm
3.         Practising everyday dialogues in English
4.         Interviews.
5.         Formal Presentation

Final Assessment should be based on assignment, assessment, presentation and interview of each candidate.

Download English Syllabus RGPV CBGS BT 103

Download English Syllabus RGPV CBGS BT 1003

source: www.rgpv.ac.in 


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