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RGPV CBGS Engg Chemistry Syllabus BT 1001 Credit Based Grading System (CBGS)

Download RGPV Engg Chemistry Syllabus Credit Based Grading System (CBGS) BT 1001 

As we know that the Rajiv Gandhi Proudhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal i.e. RGPV is the biggest government technical University in the MP and it is only 1 government technical University in this state. The RGPV University present in the syamala Hills , Bhopal and all official work done only in the campus. It has many affiliated colleges which obey the all rules and regulations of that university.

                    In the current session RGPV launches new courses of those students who are taking admission under the RGPV University Credit Based Grading System (CBGS) and after the completion of that course student will get B. Tech degree from the RGPV University. 
               Here we Give the details of 1st year syllabus; please not it very carefully. and it is common for all branches like IT,EC,EE, EX,IP,IEM,CM,BT,BM, CS, EI / IC, CE, ME, FT, TX, AU,
MI, & AT (Information Technology, Electronics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, Bio medical, Mechanical, Fire technology, Textiles, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering Branches) .We are also advised to you please refer the official website of RGPV; of RGPV; i.e. for more clarification.

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RGPV CBGS Engineering Chemistry Syllabus - Code BT 1001 Engg Chemistry

Unit I


Sources, Impurities, Hardness & its units, Determination of hardness by EDTA method, Alkalinity & its determination, Boiler troubles ( Sludge & Scale, Priming & Foaming, Boiler Corrosion, Caustic Embrittlement), Softening of water by Lime-Soda, Zeolite and Ion Exchange methods, Internal treatment methods of Boilers, Numerical problems based on softening methods, hardness and alkalinity.

Unit II

Fossil fuels & classification, Calorific value & its types, Determination of calorific value by Bomb calorimeter Proximate and Ultimate analysis of coal and their significance, calculation of calorific value by Dulong’s formula, Knocking, relationship BTtween' knocking & structure of hydrocarbon, Octane numBTr,Cetane numBTr, combustion and it related numerical problems.

Unit III


Introduction, Mechanism of lubrication, Classification of lubricants, significance & determination of Viscosity ,Viscosity Index, Flash & Fire Points, Cloud & Pour Points,Carbon Residue, Aniline Point,Acid NumBTr, Saponification NumBTr, SEN .


Manufacture of Portland Cement by wet process, Setting and hardening of cement, Preparation , properties and uses of Plaster of Paris.

Unit IV

Introduction, types of polymerisation, classification of polymers, Natural & Synthetic RubBTrs; Vulcanization of RubBTr, Preparation, properties & uses of the following polymers- Polythene, PVC, PMMA, Teflon, Poly acrylonitrile, PVA, Nylon 6, Nylon 6:6, Phenol formaldehyde, Urea – Formaldehyde, Buna N, Buna S.

Unit V

LamBTrt's and BTer's Law and its applications,

Introduction, Principle, Instrumentation and applications of IR& UV spectroscopy,Gas Chromatography & its applications.

B. REFRACTORIES : Introduction, classification and properties of refractories .

Reference Books:

1. Chemistry for Environmental Engineering & Science- Sawyer, McCarty and Parkin – McGraw Hill, Education Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
2. Engineering Chemistry - B.K. Sharma, Krishna Prakashan Media (P) Ltd., Meerut.
3. Basics of Engineering Chemistry - S. S. Dara & A.K. Singh, S. Chand & Company Ltd., Delhi

4. Applied Chemistry - Theory and Practice, O.P. Viramani, A.K. Narula, New Age International Pvt. Ltd. Publishers, New Delhi
5. Polymer Science – Ghosh, Tata McGraw Hill.

6. Engg. Chemistry –Shashi Chawla, Dhanpat Rai & company pvt. Ltd, Delhi.

7. Engg. Chemistry –Jain & Jain, Dhanpat Rai & company pvt. Ltd, New Delhi

8. A Text book of Engg. Chemistry- Agrawal, C.V, Murthy C.P, Naidu, A, BS Publication,

Download Engg Chemistry Syllabus RGPV CBGS BT 1001


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