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Automobile Engineering Quiz | Multiple Choice Questions on Automobile | Objective Questions | MCQ

1 >>The Diesel engine works on ?
  • (A) Otto cycle
  • (B) Carnot cycle
  • (C) Diesel cycle
  • (D) Rankine cycle

2 >>When a gear box has four forward speeds and one reverse speed, it is said to be a ?

  • (A) 3-speed gear box
  • (B) 4-speed gear box
  • (C) 5-speed gear box
  • (D) 6-speed gear box
3 >>The basic purpose of providing caster angle on wheels is to ?
  • (A) prevent uneven tyre wear
  • (B) maintain directional control
  • (C) bring the road contact of the tyre under the point of load
  • (D) compensate for wear in the steering linkage
4 >>When the piston is at T.D.C, the volume above the piston in the combustion chamber is the ?
  • (A) clearance volume
  • (B) cylinder volume
  • (C) exhaust volume
  • (D) none of these
5 >>In a hydraulic power steering system, the power steering pump is driven by a ?
  • (A) belt-driven by camshaft
  • (B) chain-driven by crankshaft
  • (C) belt-driven by driveshaft
  • (D) belt-driven by crankshaft
6 >>The correct way to rectify an imbalanced wheel is to ?
  • (A) adjust the tyre pressure
  • (B) rotate the tyres
  • (C) adjust the damper spring tension
  • (D) attach appropriate weights to the wheel at appropriate positions
7 >>The fuel that detonates easily, is ?
  • (A) n-heptane
  • (B) iso-octane
  • (C) benzene
  • (D) alcohol
8 >>The main cause for the change in engine oil viscosity is ?
  • (A) humidity
  • (B) temperature
  • (C) vibration
  • (D) contamination
9 >>The problems caused by the wheel imbalance are ?
  • (A) hard steering and hard ride
  • (B) poor acceleration and hard steering
  • (C) steering wheel vibrations and uneven tyre wear
  • (D) poor acceleration and reduced fuel efficiency
10 >>The connecting rod lower end is connected to the relevant ----- of crankshaft. ?
  • (A) big end
  • (B) crank arm
  • (C) journal
  • (D) small end
11 >>The parking brake generally acts on ?
  • (A) front wheels
  • (B) rear wheels
  • (C) front and rear wheels
  • (D) propeller shaft
12 >>The forced-fed lubrication system means that the oil is delivered to the engine by ?
  • (A) gravity
  • (B) the pressure created by the oil pump
  • (C) splashing action of the crankshaft
  • (D) none of these
13 >>The connecting rod connects the piston and the ?
  • (A) cylinder head
  • (B) cylinder block
  • (C) camshaft
  • (D) crankshaft

14 >>Valve overlap is the number of degrees of camshaft rotation during which ?
  • (A) both valves are closed
  • (B) both valves are open
  • (C) both 'a' and 'b'
  • (D) none of these
15 >>The component that is responsible for converting the rotation of the steering wheel into lateral motion is the ?
  • (A) steering wheel
  • (B) steering shaft
  • (C) steering gearbox
  • (D) tie rod
16 >>The crankcase dilution means ?
  • (A) dilution of fuel in the crankcase
  • (B) dilution of oil by water in the crankcase
  • (C) dilution of lubrication oil by fuel in the crankcase
  • (D) dilution of mixture passing through crankcase in two-stroke engines
17 >>The commonly used antifreeze solution in automobiles is ?
  • (A) carbon disulphide
  • (B) ethylene glycol
  • (C) ammonium chloride
  • (D) freon-12
18 >>The indicated power of a four-stroke engine (in watts) is equal to (where P = Mean effective pressure in N/m2, L = Length of stroke in metres, A = Cross-sectional area of the piston in m2, and N = Speed of the engine in revolutions per second (r.p.s)) ?
  • (A) P.L.A.N/2
  • (B) P.L.A.N
  • (C) 2 x P.L.A.N
  • (D) P.L.A.N/4
19 >>Engine misfiring is likely to result from ?
  • (A) spark plug gap too small
  • (B) spark plug gap too wide
  • (C) vapour lock in the fuel only
  • (D) incorrect fuel air mixture
20 >>The basic part of the engine, to which the other engine parts are attached or assembled is the ?
  • (A) cylinder head
  • (B) crankshaft
  • (C) cylinder block
  • (D) oil pan
1 >>Which of the following bulb in a car will have the least wattage? ?
  • (A) Head light bulb
  • (B) Stop light bulb
  • (C) Parking light bulb
  • (D) Ignition warning bulb
2 >>If the valve clearances are excessively large, the problem that can arise is ?
  • (A) overheating of the engine
  • (B) incomplete valve closure
  • (C) fouling of spark plug by gasoline
  • (D) none of these
3 >>The power source for a brake booster is ?
  • (A) exhaust manifold pressure
  • (B) electricity
  • (C) the pressure difference between the atmospheric pressure and the vaccum pressure in the intake manifold
  • (D) hydraulic pump
4 >>The Diesel engines are also known as ?
  • (A) spark ignition (S.I.) engines
  • (B) compression ignition (C.I.) engines
  • (C) steam engines
  • (D) none of these
5 >>The specific gravity of acid in a fully charged battery is generally ?
  • (A) 1
  • (B) 1.28
  • (C) 1.82
  • (D) 2.81
6 >>The brake pedal during ABS operation ?
  • (A) is pushed upward forcefully
  • (B) pedal stroke becomes longer
  • (C) transmits slight kickback to the driver's foot
  • (D) all of the above
7 >>The gear shift lever requires two separate motions to shift gears, and the first movement ?
  • (A) moves the synchronizer
  • (B) selects the synchronizer
  • (C) meshes the gears
  • (D) operates the clutch
8 >>Two speed reverse gear arrangement is generally provided in case of ?
  • (A) passenger cars
  • (B) metadors
  • (C) tractors
  • (D) trucks
9 >>Wheel base of a vehicle is the ?
  • (A) distance between the centres of the front and rear wheels
  • (B) distance between the centres of the front tyres
  • (C) distance between the centres of the rear tyres
  • (D) extreme length of the vehicle
10 >>Which of the following oil is more viscous? ?
  • (A) SAE 30
  • (B) SAE 40
  • (C) SAE 70
  • (D) SAE 80
11 >>Odometer is an instrument used for measurement of ?
  • (A) power
  • (B) fuel consumption
  • (C) engine r.p.m.
  • (D) distance
12 >>In Diesel engines, the duration between the time of injection and the time of ignition is called ?
  • (A) spill cut-off
  • (B) delay period
  • (C) injection period
  • (D) ignition period
13 >>The negative terminal post on the top of a battery is ?
  • (A) smaller than the positive terminal post
  • (B) larger than the positive terminal post
  • (C) of the same size as the positive terminal post
  • (D) none of these
14 >>In a single dry plate clutch, torsional vibrations are absorbed by ?
  • (A) coil springs known as torsional springs
  • (B) cushion springs
  • (C) central hub
  • (D) clutch pedal
15 >>In a four wheel drive (4WD), the number of gear boxes are ?
  • (A) 1
  • (B) 2
  • (C) 3
  • (D) 4
16 >>How many cells are used in a 12 volt car battery? ?
  • (A) 2
  • (B) 4
  • (C) 6
  • (D) 8
17 >>In an engine, the temperature of the piston will be more at the ?
  • (A) crown of the piston
  • (B) skirt of the piston
  • (C) piston walls
  • (D) piston rings
18 >>An over-inflated tyre will wear the tread most near the ?
  • (A) edges
  • (B) corners
  • (C) centre
  • (D) none of these
19 >>Cushioning springs in clutch plate reduces ?
  • (A) vehicle speed
  • (B) torsional vibrations
  • (C) jerky starts
  • (D) none of these
20 >>In a four stroke engine for each crankshaft revolution, the camshaft revolves ?
  • (A) one-half turn
  • (B) one turn
  • (C) two turns
  • (D) four turns


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