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RGPV CBCS Rules and Required Credits | RGPV CBCS Minimum Required Credits of Semester | RGPV CBCS Minimum Credits for Pass

Why Choice Based Credit System ?
  • Students can learn at their own pace
  •  Choose electives from a wide range of courses 
  •  Undergo additional courses and acquire more than required number of credits 
  •  Adopt an interdisciplinary approach in learning 
  •  Inter college/University transfer of Credits 
  •  Plenty of opportunities like audit credit 
  • Carry on and transfer their credit 
  •  Enhance skill/employability by taking up project work, entrepreneurship and vocational training.
Who will play major role in Choice Based Credit System ?
  • Faculty Advisor / (HOD)
Choice Based Credit System
  • Credit Requirement for BE degree is180 credits
  •  Lower and upper limit for course credits registered in a semester by a full time student of a degree program.
  •  Lower limit - 16 Credits
  •  Upper limit - 26 Credits
  •  A Student can move to next level (2nd Year) only if he/she secures minimum of 22 credits at the end of First Year.
  •  The Maximum duration for a student for complying to the degree requirement is 8 years from the date of registration for the first semester
  • The subjects listed in semester I or II will be in floating mode except the mathematics-I and II. Institutes will be free to make their own pool of subjects with total no of credits not exceeding 26 per semester.
  •  It is mandatory for a student to earn the required credits as mentioned in each semester i.e. he/she has to earn 52 credits in first year.  A Student will be eligible to move to next level (i.e.2nd Year) only if he/she secures minimum of 22 credits at the end of First Year. However in such case he has to earn the remaining 32 credits as and when he/she chooses to opt for in the subsequent semesters.
  • Criteria for poor performance at the end of second registered semester
Performance level              Earned Credits       Decision
    Poor                                         < 22                  Re-start (once only) or termination of registration
    • If a student chooses to restart after the first two registered semesters then, his or her credits earned will be carried over.
    Minimum Credit Threshold
    Check Point                                         Credit Threshold 
    End of First Year                                    22 
    End of Second Year                               46 
    End of Third Year                                   70 
    End of Fourth Year                                 94
    • If the earned credits after the restart are less than 22 then the registration will be terminated. 
    • Each student is expected to earn at least 11 credits in each registered semester of first year. 

    Syllabus Requirement 

    • A departmental core course is a compulsory course which a candidate must pass in the manner provided for in the regulations. 
    • A departmental elective core course refers to any technical course offered by the respective department for the fulfillment of the curriculum requirements of the degree of BE in respective department that are not classified as departmental core. 
    • Open electives offered by any parent departments are courses listed in the course structure under the open elective category and offered to any department 
    • Mandatory Learning Courses These are courses that must be completed by the student at appropriate time. 
    • Project Work Project work may consist of Major and Mini Project work offered by parent department. 
    • Practical Training The student may complete the training before the beginning of the 7 th Semester. 
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