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IISER Admission Dates | IISER Aptitude Test Dates

IISER Admission Dates 2018 | IISER Aptitude Test Dates 2018

As per the information's taking from the IISER Aptitude test website i.e.; here we show some tentative dates for IISER admission 2018. Here we mention all types of dates i.e. IISER admission advertisement dates, IISER aptitude test application form, registration dates, IISER aptitude test result dates, IISER admission counseling dates etc.

Please read it very carefully and also refer official website of IISER admission 2018.

IISER Admission Dates 2018


First advertisement
Last week of February, 

Second advertisement
Last week of  May, 

State & Central Boards

Opening of IISER application portal (ALL)
Last week of May, 
Last week of May, 
Last week of May, 
Closing of IISER application portal (KVPY)
2nd week of June

Closing of IISER application portal (IIT-JEE & SCB)
3rd week of  June, 
3rd week of  June,
IISER Aptitude Test 2018 (SCB)

1st week of  July, Sunday
Results of IISER Aptitude Test (SCB)

2nd week of  July, Sunday


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