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MPPPT Chemistry Syllabus | MP Pre-Polytechnic Test Chemistry syllabus | MP PPT Syllabus

MPPPT Chemistry Syllabus 2018 | MP Pre-Polytechnic Test Chemistry syllabus 2018 | MP PPT Syllabus 2018 

The MP PPT exam conducted by vyapam on July 2018. In these exam there are 3 papers i.e. Maths, Physics and Chemistry coming in the mpppt 2018 exam. So candidates go through with mpppt chemistry syllabus 2018. Here we try to mention mpppt chemistry syllabus 2018; please also cross check it with vyapam website for more detail.

MPPPT Chemistry syllabus : It contains Difference types of substances and their nature, Physical and Chemical Change, Chemical bond, Electro-Chemical Cell, Classification of matter, Electrolysis, Types of Fuel, Mineral Cycle, Necessity of Balanced Diet, Ecological Balance, Human Dependence on Natural Resources and Air.


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Download MP PPT Syllabus Physics


Download MPPPT Syllabus 2018 | Download MPPPT Chemistry Syllabus 2018 | Download MP PPT Chemistry syllabus | Download MP PPT Syllabus 2018

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