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MP PAT Crop Production And Horticulture Syllabus  | MP Pre Agriculture test Crop Production And Horticulture Syllabus 

1. (i) Introduction and activities of agriculture and crop production, (ii) Importance of crop
production in National Economy (iii) Different Branches of Farming and their importance.
2. Soil and Soil Fertility : (i) Soil and its constituents (ii) Physical properties of Soil-Soil texture and Structure porespace, specific gravity, plasticity, cohesion and soil temperature (iii) Formation of soil-classification of soil in M.P. and their characteristics (iv) Soil corrosion its kind, their causes and control, measures of soil conservation (v) Soil acidity and alkalinity and their reclaimation soil-pH.

3. Tillage : (i) Object of tillage, tillage operations, ploughing, levellling, harrowing, intercultivation (ii) Tillage implements, country plough improved ploughs, harrows and cultivators, threshers, winnowers and seed drills, tractor driven implements.
4. Manures and Fertilizer (i) Essential element for plant growth (ii) Description and uses of
organic manures. F.Y.M. Compost green manures (iii) Differnet Nitrogenous, Phosphate and potash Fertilizers, properties and uses.
5. Production of crops: (i) Classification of crops according to seasons and economic
classification (ii) Cultivation of Kharif Crops- Jowar, Maize, Groundnut, Cotton, Paddy, Soybean, Arhar, Urad, Moong (iii) Rabi crops-Wheat, Linseed, Mustard, Sugarcane, Gram, Barely under following heads 1. Preparation of land 2. sowing operation 3. Seed rate per hectare 4. Manures and fertilizer 5. irrigation 6. Interculture and weeding 7. Imporved varieties 8. Yield per Hectare 9. Disease: pests and their control. 
6. Irrigation land Drainage : (i) object of irrigtion and drainage (ii) sourcs of irrigation and
drainage (iii) Method of irrigation and drainage (iv) Water requirements of crops (v) Duty and discharge of water, (vi) Common water lifts. Diesel and electric pumps.

7. Weed and weed control. 
8. Cropping scheme, importance of principles if: (i) Crop rotation (ii) Principle cropping (iii)
Mixed and inter cropping (vi) Dry farming (v) Cooperative farming.


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9. Elementary Surveying-Importance of Surveyng. elementary survey with the help of chains, instruments used in survey as optical square, cross staff offset rod, dumpy level, recording of field book.

10. Introduction (i) Importance and scope of Horticulture (ii) Pomology - Location and layout. (iii) Planting system - training, pruning, inter-cropping, winds breaks, protection from frost and sun burn (vi) care maintenance and rejuvenation of fruit, orchards.
11. Vegetable Gardening (i) Kitchen gradening (ii) Cultivation of Radish, Carrot, cole crops, Onion Brinjal, Chilies, Tomato potatoes.
12. Fruit cultivation (i) Vegetative propagation-Budding, inarching and Goottee cutting, Grafting and layering (ii) Cultivation of Papaya, Banana, Grapes, Mango, Guava and citrus frruits. 
13. Ornamental Gardening (i) General Cultivation of Winter and summer season annuals (ii)
Ornamental and flowering plants. Trees shrubs, climbers, hedges and hedges plants. (iii) common ornamental and flowering plants e.g. Rose, Canna and chrysanthemum (iv) Preparation and maintenance of lawns.
14. Fruit and Vegetable preservation- Canning and bolt ling Technique (i) Simple canning and botting techniques use of suitable containers like aluminised plastic and paper (ii) Washing, Blandching and peeling of fruit and Vegetables, trading of fruits for canning.
15. Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables (i) General principles and methods of fruit and
vegetable preservation (ii) Processing by heat, preservation by antiseptic drying, preservation by fermentation dehydration and packing (iii) Preparation of jelly, Lime squash and Tomato sauce.
16. Rural Finance (i) Cultivator's Finance needs for farmers (ii) Source of credit (iii) Organisation of Rural Cooperative credit and marketing societies.

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