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SRMJEEE Pattern | SRMJEEE Test Type

SRMJEEE Pattern 2018 | SRMJEEE Test Type 2018

As we know that the SRMJEEE test will be held on Month of April 2018. In the SRMJEEE exam the question paper language is English and the SRMJEEE test question are objective types i.e MCQ type. The right answer should be darken by ovel shape. There will be -ve marking also present for wrong answer in SRMJEEE test.

SRMJEEE  Pattern of Question paper for B.Tech and Health Sciences under Graduate Programs

 S.No           Details
 1           Part 1: Physics 35 questions with a total weightage   of 105 marks
 2           Part 2: Chemistry 35 questions with a total     weightage of 105 marks
 3          Part 3: Mathematics 35 questions with a total     weightage of 105 marks
 4          Part 4: Biology 50 questions with a total weightage     of 105 marks
 5          Negative mark of ‘1’ for every wrong answer in Physics, Chemistry & mathematics
            and ‘0.7’  for  every wrong answer in biology

 6         Total weightage 315 marks

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