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गुरु र्ब्रह्मा गुरु र्विष्णु र्गुरु र्देवो महेश्वर
If you want to become a teacher, then first you have to complete the following procedure.
1. First you have to complete a graduation degree in specified subjects.
2. Now you have to complete a master's degree from any recognized University in specified subjects.
If you have both degrees, then you will become a teacher at the school level, but you also have a BEd degree certificate.
In the engineering colleges, if you have both technical degrees from recognized University or Institutes then you will also become a faculty in engineering colleges.
Now another process is also required for a faculty position, i.e.
3. Master's degree with NET exam qualification or Ph.D. degree with excellent research record; or also you have to qualify state-level SLAT / SET exam.

As we know that every country is very conscious of education i.e. School level education, college-level education, and research-level education. Because if the Nation has well-qualified youngsters then the country growth will be excellent; which also impacts to national research and technology. So every school, institute, or University requires talented and dynamic faculty for their institutes; because the growth of institutes only depends upon well qualified and excellent faculty. 

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IIT Indore
Asst. Prof and Asso Prof
Sep 2016

IIM Lucknow Faculty Jobs 
IIM Faculty Jobs
27 June 2016

CG TET / CG Teachers Jobs 
CG Teachers 
 22 June 2016

Kerala Agricultural University Jobs 
 30 June 2016

Delhi Technical University Jobs 
 29 June 2016
Research / Professor
30 June 2016
 28June 2016
Indraprastha University GUS IPU Jobs
GUS IPU Faculty Jobs
30 June 2016

Here we are trying to elaborate the minimum eligibility criteria of School as well college faculty:

1. Minimum Eligibility Criteria for School Level Teacher

There are three types of teacher required in the school teaching Jobs:
1. PGT 2. TGT 3. PRT
1. Eligibility of Postgraduate Teacher: If you have a BEd with Graduation and a Master's degree in a relevant subject; and these types of candidates are eligible to teach 10+2 level students.
2. Eligibility of Trained graduate teacher: If you have a graduation degree with a BEd in the relevant subject then you are eligible to teach middle level students; for central school TGT candidates must have to qualify for the CTET exam.
3. Eligibility of Primary Teacher: If you have a BEd degree with a 10+2 certificate then you will be eligible to teach primary level students in every school.

2. Minimum Eligibility Criteria for College Level Teacher / Eligibility of University Level faculty

1. Eligibility of Assistant Professor / Lecturer:  

i. If you have a master degree in relevant Subjects with at least 55% marks and have an excellent academic record from any recognized University OR an equivalent degree from an accredited foreign university.
ii. Other than above qualification candidates must have clear NET (National Eligibility Test) conducted by CSIR / UGC or state level Test which is accredited by UGC i.e. SLET or SET.
iii. If you don't have NET / SLET / SET qualified certificate, then you should have a Ph.D. degree from a recognized University according to UGC Regulation.
iv. There are no requirements of NET, SLET, or SET certificate for those disciplines for which NET/SLET/SET is not conducted.

Minimum Eligibility of Assistant Professor or Lecturer in Technical Institutes:

i. If you have first Class Master’s Degree in the relevant branch of Engineering & technology and also have research, industry, or professional experience in relevant branch and research paper publication is also desirable. 

2. Eligibility of Associate Professor / Senior Lecturer / Reader: 

1. Master degree (55%) along with good academic record with Ph.D. Degree in relevant subject; and candidates should have 8 years teaching or industrial or research fellow which is equivalent to that of Assistant Professor in a University or college or any recognized research institutes and it is also notable that excluding the period of Ph.D. research with evidence of published work and a minimum of 5 publications as books and/or research/policy papers.
ii. Candidates also should have the minimum score as stipulated in the Academic Performance Indicator (API) based Performance Based Appraisal System (PBAS), set out in the UGC Regulation 2010.
Consolidated API Score of 300 points Category III of APIs for Associate Professor 
a) Academic Background (20%)
b) Research Performance based on API score & Quality of Publications (40%)
c) Assessment of Domain Knowledge & Teaching Skills (20%)
d) Interview performance (20%)
Minimum Eligibility of Associate Professor or Reader in Technical Institutes:
1. Candidate must have a Ph.D. degree from any recognized university with an excellent academic record in a relevant technical field and should have a first-class Master's degree. And a minimum of eight years of experiences in teaching or industry or research excluding a research degree which is equivalent to the lecturer's grade.
ii. Experience of guiding the project work/dissertation of PG / Research Students or supervising R&D projects in the industry are also desirable. 

3. Eligibility of Professor: 

i. Candidates must have Ph.D. degree from any recognized university with published work of high quality, engaged in research with evidence of published work with a minimum of 10 publications as books and/or research/policy papers.
ii. Candidates must have 10 years of teaching experience in university/college and/or in research at the University/National level institutions/industries, including experience of guiding candidates for research at the doctoral level.
iii. A minimum score as stipulated in the Academic Performance Indicator (API) based
Performance-Based Appraisal System (PBAS), set out in the UGC Regulation 2010.
Merged API Score of 400 points Category III of APIs for Professor 
a) Academic Background (20%)
b) Research Performance-based on API score & Quality of Publications (40%)
c) Assessment of Domain Knowledge & Teaching Skills (20%)
d) Interview performance (20%)

Minimum Eligibility of Professor in Technical Institutes:
i. Candidate must have Ph.D. degree with a first-class Master degree in relevant branch and having minimum 10 years of experience in teaching, research, and/or industry, out of which at least five years at the level of Assistant Professor/Reader or equivalent grade.

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