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 IES Vaibhav Chhabra: How An Average Student Can Clear The UPSC Exam? 

In the starting, I couldn't even study for half an hour as its an achievement for a student that not interested basically, what happens, when you start studying its not always like you are not interested before interest a few factors rise up friends, it was no magic so what we do with thoughts, what we do is we forget thoughts come, we think about them, in the morning every day we forget about them the same thing happened to me, after engineering for 2 years I was in the teaching industry In these 2 years, I had this thought numerous times friends,
 I won't lie I forgot about this thought a lot I forgot that I can do something like this, but one day after nurturing that thought, believe me, 25% and the remaining 75% of the task is to convert this instinct into real achievement people will tell you not to take this decision, you are earning good "you can't go further", a lot of people will say that those are the people you need to avoid and these positive people around me were, my parents,
 my sister and my best friends and after positivity, the thing which is important, you have positivity, an idea, people who support you Planning and strategy originate on a paper, but after that the most important and risky task is execution planning everybody can do but execution for this, what I used to do is in that, I used to create a schedule daily from waking up to sleeping at night time table also everybody makes but to follow it is also difficult,
I never could follow it if I did really good I used to give 10/10 bad, then 1/10 my today's mini target did I do good or not and accordingly, I used to create the next day's target, and kept moving forward that comes after the execution stage is don't try to dodge hard work if you want to achieve something big, you can't do it in a day nor in a month, so you need a lot of patience usually, people do it in one year or two but it took me 3 years to clear this exam now in this journey,

 what happens, it's a long journey I don't let myself get overconfident now in such moments your stored positive energy comes in use the positive people take you out of that demotivated situation the same incident happened to me, in 2017 during my second attempt I committed a big blunder and what was supposed to happen, I didn't get selected in my second attempt I kept thinking, kept telling myself and there is inner motivation, which makes you do it to do it is necessary,
when you give it your all, what happens is one thing in my life, my percentage was lower than 60 and this happened, BSNL took out the post which they hadn't done for last 9 years So finally what happens is, when you give all your efforts with hard work and inputs, even God takes care of you The reason why I had left the job, I wouldn't have that much time for it I managed to time,
 I used to study at night I used to steal time from here and there and study At the end of this session I would like to say that everyone's journey is different but everyone experiences low points and as you progress, things will get easier In the beginning I was unable to sit even for half an hour which for a non interested student was a big achievement which my mom would always tell me those 2 lines are such Life, test my patience in every way With every injustice I face, I'll get stronger.
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