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The expectation from Apple iPhone 11, 11r and 11 Max  | iPhone 11 Pro

iPhone 11, 11r and 11 Max What we expect from Apple in September In this week's Apple Core roundup, we recap the new features we're expecting to see on Apples next batch of iPhones in September and discuss how Apple is betting big on 5G with its billion-dollar acquisition of Intel's modem business.

We also break down the latest rumors about the next MacBook Pro, Apple Watch and Apple mixed reality headset.

It seems as if there's a fresh batch of rumors about the next iPhones every week and the fact that they're all starting to sound repetitive means their debut is likely getting close.

A report from this week paints a picture of all the changes or lack thereof we can expect in the iPhones.

Citing people who've apparently already seen the new phones, the report backs up most of what we already heard about the iPhones but adds a few more tidbits to the mix.

  The, for example, will look pretty similar to the 2018 models and are rumored to have the same screen size as the previous iPhones 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches.

They'll also have the same resolution and same screen technology OLED on the XS and XS Max sequels and an LCD screen on the followup to the XR.

  They'll still have Face ID with the True Depth front camera and the notch will be the same size.

The only difference pointed out by 9to5mac is that Apple might get rid of 3D Touch and the front-facing camera on the 2019 iPhones will have slow-motion video recording.

There was no mention of whether or not they'll have in-screen fingerprint scanners as previous rumors suggested.

  On the back will be a new large square camera bump on all three versions of the 2019 iPhone.

In addition to the traditional wide-angle and telephoto from previous years, the XS and XS Max sequels will have a new ultra-wide-angle sensor.

The XR will likely only have a wide and ultra-wide camera and will continue to use software to create the portrait mode effect.

The report says the new phones will also get a new feature called "Smart Frame," too.

This feature uses the new lens to capture additional content around your photo for stills and videos.

That information is stored for a limited time so you can go back and expand the margins of the frame if you left someone or something out of the shot.

  The report also backs up rumors about a larger battery, a new and more powerful A13 processor and two-way charging, similar to the Galaxy S10 phones.

  Other rumors not mentioned by 9to5s new report suggest that the iPhone 11R will be available in lilac and green, two new colors that would replace last year's coral and blue options.

The phones will also sport a new circular mute switch on the side, similar to iPads and that they'll keep the traditional Lightning port, not USB C.

Apple could soon be, especially since the 2020 iPhones are already rumored to be the first 5G iPhones with Qualcomm's 5G chips  That's because it signed an agreement to purchase most of Intel's smartphone modem business, valued at roughly 1 billion dollars.

This comes after a two year legal battle over that the company had with Qualcomm.

The companies reached a with that would allow Apple to use Qualcomm modems in their phones.

Buying the business from Intel would mean they get more patents and the personnel support of Intel's modem team, which gives Apple a leg up to end its reliance on companies like Qualcomm for similar technology.

  Apple's recent updates to its MacBook lineup haven't ruled out the possibility of getting yet another one before the end of the year.

According to the Chinese site, Apple is gearing up to launch a high-end 16-inch laptop with a 3,072×1,920 pixel LCD display up from the 2,880×1,800p in the current 15 inches MacBook Pro as early as October.

Other potential updates include a better processor and a new keyboard that would use a new scissor-switch mechanism in place of Apple's troubled butterfly switch keyboard, which has caused many mishaps for the company.

  But the upgrades won't come cheap; the cost of the new MacBook pro would rise to dollar 3,000, according to the report.

  The report also mentions an update to the 13 inch MacBook Pro and Retina screen MacBook Air.

The Apple Watch may get a  different screen next year.

Another report by The says Apple will switch from a traditional OLED display to a.

Aside from being brighter, microLED technology makes the screen more energy efficient and potentially improve battery life.

Improved battery life would mean Apple could finally add a native sleep tracking app to the Apple watch.

  Just when we thought Apple might be putting on the brakes for its AR/VR glasses project, we have a new reason to believe its still a go.

Apple filed for a, which includes a head-mounted display capable of showing augmented and virtual reality, and a controller.

  The headset would include multiple sensors to track the user's facial expressions as well as the environment around them, while the controller would have at least one if not two built-in processors of its own.

  or mixed reality glasses with an 8K display by 2020, but a recent report in Digitimes suggested that the company halted the project because the glasses themselves were nowhere near completion, and weren't at the price point Apple needed to make them attractive to consumers.

  The patent proves Apple is still very much interested in the space, but it may take a bit longer for the actual product to become a reality.

iPhone 11 Pro

A lot of you had a bunch of questions about where I am and what my new office looks like.

Soon I will be doing a video about that, but today we need to take a look at some of the new iPhone 11 leaks.

Thanks to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video.

I have been such a huge fan of them for the past couple of years.

And what's been great is because I do get new phones quite often, with LastPass I don't have to remember my passwords from phone to phone.

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I don't have to even come up with a crazy different password for each one of my accounts.

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Thanks again to LastPass for sponsoring a portion of this video.

And being there for me over the past couple of years when I first started using this app.

And now it is time to get into the rumors.

The first thing that I need to look up is, when was the iPhone announcement event last year? (typing on a keyboard) I spelled the announcement wrong.

September 12th.

That's soon.

September 12th, the iPhone event.

September 14th, pre-orders.

On September 21st, the iPhone was actually released.

And this most recent image leak found in an IOS13 screenshot looks like it'll prove our September 10th date for announcement and 20thfor actual phone release.

Of course, nothing is officially announced yet but this is looking pretty accurate.

So keep those dates in mind that's probably around the same time that we'll be having a new iPhone.

So make sure you mark your calendars, a day before and a day after, just in case.

'Cause we never really know what Apple's gonna do.

I love looking at crazy concepts because it just makes it so much more fun to see what the future is gonna be like.

Because these concepts can easily become real.

OK well maybe.

Maybe not that real because this looks like a freaking jelly bean.

This is, what the heck? This really does look like a jelly bean.

This looks like an iPhone flattened.

This just, this is something.

Look they even have little icons on the side, Oh my goodness.

There's more, look at this.

You've got the volume on the - oh wow! Not sure about the practicality mostly because I need to have a case on my phone so how am I gonna be able to use the edge of this if I don't have a case on it? Which, the iPhone without a case is one of the most beautiful things that you'll ever see.

Display makers have already figured out flexible OLED screens.

Have they, though? Have they? When will Apple announce the iPhone 11 in 2019? It's a question that I have, and its a question that I think that we sort of tried to figure out.

This article has an Apple iPhone release and announcement dates from 2012 to 2018.

The last two phones were on September 12th.

And the release dates, the 21 and 22nd.

So really who knows? They're saying September 10th.

And orders would kick off on Friday the 13th.

It's interesting because a lot of the articles that I've been reading and some of the rumors are predicting that a lot of the features that we thought were gonna be in the iPhone 11, they are kind of pushing it to the 2020 version of the iPhone.

So 5G, 120 hertz OLED retina display, 2020.

It just continuously keeps being confirmed.

Article after article, rumor after rumor.

That the 2019 phone will be a lot like the 2018 phone.

Incremental upgrades, faster camera chips, the next version of the operating system which is IOS13, which I have been playing with the beta and honestly it's crazy because when you do upgrade to the latest IOS, it does feel like you have an entirely new phone.

Some of these most recent articles are saying that they're going to be calling the top of the line iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro.

Then we'll have the iPhone 11 Max.

And then the iPhone 11R.

Honestly, I wouldn't be too surprised by this but I'm not entirely sure that I believe it.

Mostly because I feel like they'll probably stick with their normal naming conventions until the 2020 release.

Which is rumored to be the most significant upgrade.

I'd love to know what you guys think, so leave me some comments below.

Most of the rumors still seem pretty set on this three-camera design, which I'm not sure if I'm the biggest fan of it because I just feel like it's kind of like a chunky block.

I think I would have liked just basically taking the phone that we have now and just extending and adding in another camera.

Oh, I love this tweet from Mrwhosetheboss, If you like this design or a retweet if you like this design.

I was thinking I would like the camera sort of a vertical instead of horizontal.

Oh my god, he tweeted that in January.

It's crazy that this leak has been around for that long.

Apple offers another LCDiPhone in 2019, the 11R.

I loved the 10R, I think it's a great phone.

A13 processor will power the iPhone 11, the A12 Bionic chip was the previous one in the 2018 phone.

It's just so crazy to think that it's already been almost a year already.

Wow! Almost definite, the 2019phone won't support 5G.

This is interesting because what if Apple decides to come out with another phone? Like another iPhone.

Like the iPhone 11 5G.

Sort of like Samsung did with their 5G model.

That's honestly a very real possibility.

I wouldn't put it past apple and I wouldn't put it past me to buy it.

Other assorted rumors, a different phone for China.

They sell a cheaper version of the iPhone.


And perhaps one in India too.

Substituting a cheaper in screen and fingerprint scanner for face ID, a new mute button, USBC.

If Apple decides to finally put USBC in their new phones, I'm gonna lose my mind, like I will break something.

Not out of being upset but out of excitement, because this is something that I've wanted for the past I think at least 3 years maybe? I don't know.

Anybody remembers the first iteration of me saying that I wanted the iPhone to have USBC, leave me a comment below.

A new way for users to interface with future additions of the iPhone.

The touchless gesture control.

I'm really into gesture control.

It's really hard to get it to work properly all of the time, every single time.

So it will be interesting to see how well that does work.

2020 iPhones may have full-screen Touch ID.

2020 they'll stop using Intel chips.

(gasps) I'm also curious about, Mac Pro release date.

When do we think that's gonna happen? Apple has favored October for a lot of previous computer launches.

(gasps) October would be nice, although my sister's baby is due on October 14th.

So Apple if you guys can like maybe just why know adjust things accordingly so that I could be there for the birth of my sister's child but also be there for the birth of my future child which is not human, and I'm so okay with that.

God, I can't wait.

Look how freaking beautiful it is.


My heart.

Well, that was just a look at some of the rumors that I have seen here recently.

I have done a really good job of avoiding it but this is interesting, I saw this also, the iPhone 11R accidentally revealed in a Samsung Note 10+ leak.

I just don't think that's it.

I feel like this is faked.

This is, we've been seeing this same design for months.

Like the fact that Mrwhoestheboss tweeted that in January like that's a long time ago.

So it's gonna be a real shock if this isn't what the phone looks like.

Anyway, I'd love to hear from you guys.

What do you think the iPhone 11's gonna look like? Do you think these leaks are accurate? Do you think that they are going to wait until 2020 to release all the goodies that we thought that they were going to release this year? Either way, you guys know that I am one of the biggest Apple fans ever, so I cannot wait to get my hands on one of them, or two of them, or all of them.

I don't think I'll be doing an iPhone 11R unboxing of all of the colors again or will I? I'm not sure.

Well, that's it, I will see you guys in my next video.

Don't forget to subscribe so you'll know when I post a new video.

Be sure to hit the bell so you actually get an alert when I post a new video.

That's it for now, I'll see you guys later.


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