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GRE Practice Tests: 5 Best Ones Right Now

Welcome back to the GRE How-To Series, where we go over tips and trips on how to do our very best on the verbal and the quantitative portions of the GRE.

Today we're going to go over the 5 best free GRE practice tests.

Alright, now it's time for a Pop quiz.

Both N and M are positive numbers and P is a negative number.

Which of the following fractions could be undefined? Pause the video in the comments below.

And if this seems completely foreign to you, take a look at my Number Properties video to get a great primer on what you need to know to be able to answer these kinds of questions.

Today we're going to go over the 5 best free GRE practice tests.

And I really do mean the best.

I sifted through as many resources as I could find and put together a super scientific methodology to make sure that these are the resources that will not waste your time and help you do your absolute best on the GRE.

Let's start with number 5.

Number 5 is the McGraw-Hill practice test resources.

Now this one is great because of the availability of practice.

I will say that the interface kind of outdated, but that does not mean that we can't learn from some of the practice that's there.

So despite its outdated interface there is some functionality that does work in your favor.

First, it has a time component.

It has a 30-minute timer on the right-hand side of the content, and you're able to go through the test and make sure that you're getting a feel for what it's like to be sitting for long periods of time.

At the end of the day, it's going to be really important to not only know the content of the test, not only knowing how to take the test but also know how to have that stamina for the test because it's four hours.

So as many times as you can practice taking this test in one sitting, it's gonna be super beneficial for you on the real test day.

Number 4 is the Princeton Review GRE practice test.

Now something to note about this: I've read that these are on the easier side, which is great so when you're practicing at the very beginning of your GRE journey, you don't have to beat yourself up too much over the content.

I honestly think this test would be great to get acclimated to the GRE vibes, you know soak them in a little bit.

And because it's a professional test service that gets a lot of their data based on people who take this test I would say that's it's very directionally correct.

That is my absolute favorite phrase that I have learned from my life as a business school student.

"Directionally correct" basically means that you know, you're on the right track even though it's not a spot-on answer, and it sounds pretty legit when you're talking to someone in the client context [laughs].

Number three is the Manhattan Prep practice tests.

Now Manhattan Prep only gives you one free test, and then they give you 6 for purchase for about 39 dollars.

This is helpful for you to get a sense of if you like the offering that Manhattan Prep gives you.

It does model after the GRE questions in the best way they can and they have this real-time calibration that helps adjust based on how well you do on your test.

Now Manhattan Prep also gives you the opportunity to take it timed or untimed and it allows you to take partial tests, which is nice if you want that flexibility but I really do encourage you to start practicing taking it in full spurts because, like I said before, that's all a part of the entire GRE process.

So it's great that you can take partial tests, but I do not recommend you take advantage of that feature very often.

Ummm can we pause and talk about Drake's "Nice for What" video?! It is literally everything, and I don't even say that phrase all the time.

I just, I just love all the girl power and the fact that it celebrates the fact that we're beautiful and we're smart and were powerful, and you know I don't think any-- well one of, at least one of those ladies took a standardized test in the recent past, which is great.

We can use her as an inspiration and we try to gt through this GRE.

So if you haven't seen "Nice for What," take a study break and I will ABSOLUTELY put the link in the description below because I'm pretty sure I'm going to be listening to that on repeat as I continue this GRE study journey.

number two for the best free GRE resources are the Kaplan practice tests.

Now, these are really interesting because they come in different formats.

first in the self-paced test that allows you to take it whenever you want and monitor yourself and be on your way, which is pretty much like the normal tests.

What is interesting about their second offering is the fact that it's a live proctored test.

That means there's a set time, you sign up for it, and you have a real live person kind of telling you, "Hey, it's time to stop," or "Hey we're about to start again.

" I like that because it's a great simulation for the real-time experience so if you want you can join me on April 29th, I will be taking that test.

I believe it's at 2p eastern.

So that Tuesday after we're going to have a nice in-depth review on how the Kaplan live test went and hopefully it went really well.

So wish me luck.

Alright, and the absolute best free GRE practice test is the one made from the test maker itself, ETS, their POWER PREP online offering gives you two free real tests so that you can get a sense of what the GRE is like and the questions are from the actual test makers.

That is the key differentiation between this test and all four of the tests.

Because the ETS has a great monopoly on the tests and the strategies and everything is copyrighted, they do not usually release questions to these outside test companies.

So the only way you can get a real sense of the exact kinds of questions that are on the GRE exam is through the ETS offerings.

I recommend saving those toward the end of your GRE journey so that you can use all of the free, pretty close, resources and then use the ETS to see where you stack up.

You only get two free ones so use them wisely.

And then as always, you're always welcome to purchase more.

Because the test is so expensive, I have a bias towards trying to figure out how to spend the least amount of money.

But one thing I do know from my MBA journey is that every now and then, you really need to assess whether or not the investment is going to generate a great enough return.

So if you do have to spend 40 to 100 dollars on extra resources that help you get an even better score than what you would've gotten if you didn't by the resources, chances are you're going to generate more than 40 to 100dollars in value once you rock the GRE test.

So it's all about perspective.

Alright so how do you think you did on the Pop Quiz? This is a really cool question because it really tests what you know about number properties and about zero.

Again if you haven't seen the video clicking the link below so you can get a sense of what you need to know about prime numbers, number properties, and zero.

The answer is A, B, and D and that's because at the end of the day it's really just asking which options present the possibility that the number at the bottom, the denominator could be zero.

That's all we have for today if you have any ideas of what you want to see next in the GRE how To series, put your suggestions in the comments below.

I am so happy that you're working with me on this GRE journey, and I can't wait to hear how you've been doing.

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