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CAT Preparation Lectures: Verbal Ability for CAT

All right all right welcome to session number three today we gonna be talking about a couple of doctors and practitioners doctors and practitioners are pretty boring for all your competitive exam because of all your exams are now getting inspired by competitive exams like GMAT which are gonna be testing you on biology and couple of other stuff sure if you have a good grasp of doctor that gonna be helpful for your reading comprehension also where good or big words
 like Osteopath you should be knowing what this is about because most of the reading comprehension in RC's in Indian competitive examinations as well as a foreign competitive examinations are going in that direction biology topics are important so agenda you are gonna get familiar with this topics when you see such bio-based RC, you don't say hey! what is this uh! so lets get familiar my favorite ones a psycho psycho so I know psycho in the casual English on colloquial English if I have to say let me give aa quick word today colloquial colloquial colloquial sounds like colony so any word which is like general to a colony is called as colloquial it's like a

 common language colloquial words psycho as a colloquial word means crazy or a mad person there is a word called as psychopath psychopath a person who is lost his senses a person who has lost his mental stability is called as psychopath the first word of the day let's move forward there is something called there are two different kinds of doctor which are related to psychology number one is psychology or psychoanalysis or psychoanalyst ok a quick test for you guys who is a doctor among them? you can pause whatever one second and think about it.

Who is the doctor among them who is the world's logy study so psychologist is the guy who's a doctor who is informal education because logy means study psycho means a mental or psyche?

The psychoanalyst word means one who analyzed the behavior of the portion.

During my Harvard business school course so we had a course on something called as behavioral economics behavioral is nothing but how do you make sure what's what's the behavior patterns which people like to spend money, for example, let me give you an example of malls you must have visited a couple of malls whenever you go to any big showrooms shopping mall you enter a mall inside agenda of a mall owner or a retail outlet store guy is they do spend more time in a mall.

If this a top view of the mall.

When you go up the staircase elevator.

All the elevators are like this and then you have to take around like this and like this and like this and then around like this, no elevators are like straight up because they want you to spend more time in the mall.

You go up there and take a big roundabout and then take the elevator up agenda you need to spend more time number one number two also if you are in a mall the good and a nicely designed mall the floor the floor of the mall has bigger tiles as compared to the smaller ones if the tiles are smaller on the ones you are walking if the tiles are smaller you tend to move fast in the mall you think the guy wants you to move fast or he wants you slow and
 in the subconscious mind something you just keep on walking fast so the behavioural economics or the psychoanalysis guy is going to be making sure the size on the tiles are big when you walk on the tiles it's very slow and easy moreover when you walk slowly people around you also walk really slowly so agenda you spend more time in the mall ,why do you spent more time in the mall to buy something for sure psychoanalyst behavior analyze psychologist is a doctor he is similar to psychiatrist psychologist you are giving your GRE exam or GMAT exam or cat example that matter of or a Banking exam psychologist if say for example you're giving your cat exam and your exam goes for a toss there is a guy called ram sitting out here Ram's cat goes for a toss.

Ram went downstairs and petting the cat said no worries cattie.

It will be done ram went downstairs and petting the cat said no worries cattie.

It will be done psychiatrist or psychologist any one of them but psychiatrist artist means a specialist, Artists mean a specialist I repeat psychologists psychoanalyst and psychiatrist psycho one of the very important words for all the competitive exams from reading comprehension point of view.

The next word or the root word for today is Opto.

Optometrist tells me boys and girls is he a doctor or not?NO he is not a doctor optometrist meter means to measure is that he or she's that cute boy or cute girl who's sitting next to you.

Whenever you go to make your glasses a cute girl sitting to check your visibility and their bees a board etc, etc.

So that person is going to be changing the glasses or lenses in front of you that's called optometrist.

He is not s doctor but a normal guy with a simple course optometrist.

Opticians couple of opticians in India right now are GKB optical sets.

Optician is he a doctor no he's not a doctor his job is to make sure he can make glasses on frame for you okay yeah we're my drawing is bad but I give it a shot optician or a guy who is making your glasses frames, not a doctor again next one chiro or pod two important words difficult to remember chiropractor as well as for the podiatrist chiropractor or polyester chiro means hand anything which is related to massage therapy or pressing the right point or acupressure or acupuncture acupressure sorry not puncher is called as chiropractor important one to remember but a difficult one to remember next one podiatrist pod means feet or pods also means feet.

Podiatrist, any ailment related to feet on any doctor who is working with that is called podiatrist moving forward this is called chiropractor as well as podiatrist also we have covered a couple of important routes so far another important one is Donita.

Dontiajust sounds like dental so endodontist there's a guy called endodontist endo means inside if you got any root canal treatment to be done if you got to say some infection inside your teeth and we need to fill those things up its gonna be n endodontist you need to go-to guy who's filling your teeth inside endodontist next one is exodontist Exo means outside removal of the teeth is called as endodontist the last one is called periodontist or periodontics perimeter the world perimeter you must have heard this word perimeter means the outside Boundary perimeter, periodontist any ailment inside the gums is called as period.

you need to go to a periodontist or periodontics so these are again important word for donation quick test what would be a word called as orthodontia let me give you a hint ortho means to straight he's kind of a cosmetologist who is going to take care of her outer appearance of the body orthodontia means straightening of the Teeth ok sounds good this is also in the same category of the words cardio next important word if called as cardio cardiologists you must have heard about cardiologist yes a normal doctor or cardiologist in a normal doctor for heart let me try to make a heart.

Ok its called as cardiologist there are two important words here one is called as cardiogram and cardiography important world multiple time they have been repeated in your exams again and again cardiogram and cardiograph what are these words imagine there's a guy who's sitting on with lying on a bed right now and he is with those glucose things going on there is a doctor standing up there is a machine which goes into that there is a machine this machine is going to be showing your heart symptoms it's gonna be showing your heart rating cardiograph is the word which shows that.

you must have seen in movies the machine and the person dies an all that stuff.

You remember that so this is called as cardiogram is to measure the device the box place next to that which is going to be measuring all that stuff is called as cardiogram and graph is to write its called as graph so we've done word called cardio ortho I just spoke about ortho orthodontistortho means to straighten up osteopath osteopath means any doctor who is expert in bones and blood vessels very important couple of times in reading comprehension have been based on your bones and blood vessels in fact in your GRE GMAT exam its more important in Indianexams like banking it's not that important but still you can learn this words called as osteopath for bones as well as blood vessels so any problem you come across you need to go to an osteopath.

All right let me quickly summarize the whole talk we started with the World called as psycho psycho psycho ok sorry for that psychoanalysis psychoanalysis is a guy who's gonna make making sure he does our behavior analysis who takes care of the behavior of the person somatic Soma means body psychosomatic behavior is a behavior which is mainly because of mental problems but it's affecting your body for example when I was a kid in my eighth standard I used to get sick I swear to god it's true I used to get sick before my History exam why because my history teacher was really strict typical North Indian strong-willed woman but I used to get sickao anything which is mental but its gonna be affecting your body is called as psychosomatic or Psychosom psychologist is a doctor.

The psychopath is a crazy mental sick guy is called a psychopath so root number one for the day summarizing the whole part number one psycho number two Opto means to see or eye.

We did two words optometrists and also opticians optometrists to measure and optician in the guy who's taking care of your glasses he'snot a doctor and he is not a doctor chiro or pod chiropractor chiro means hand and it also reminds me of one more thing chiropractor.

The best one to hit on girls is to know chiromancy.

What is chiromancy? chiromancy is hand reading or palm reading.

One of my friends is very good at that and his count is too good so chiromancy.

So chiro is hand and many means to read or to see a podiatrist.

Podiatrist means feet anybody who is a feet doctor is called as podiatrist bones and blood vessels in blood vessels next word osteoOsteo means bones and blood vessels the next word for the day dontia or don't endodontist inside the teethexodontist outside the teeth is called as dementia OK moving back psychologists psychiatrists psychoanalysts is the behavior guy whois the guy who is designing malls for you is gonna make sure the malls the tile size is pretty bigger yo walk slowly and spend more time that's called psycho analyst coming next we had the word called cardio root number one root number two root number three root number four is called as cardio.

Cardio means heart cardiogram you take this example cardiogram is a device which measures the whole thing measures the whole thing kind of thing cardiograph is a graphic or a visual description or writing graph ortho mean to straighten it up we did the word orthodontic straightening of the teeth is called as orthodontist so and we did one more important word difficult remember called as osteopath bones and blood vessels periodontist which also in addition to endodontist which means the guy who's gonna
 be taking care of the surrounding of your teeth or the gums ok so we did all the doctors in session number three in session number four also we are gonna extending some doctors I repeat it is very important for your all the reading comprehension you in all your exams because when you read a reading comprehension and your competitor who doesn't have any knowledge about these doctors you gonna be definitely sailing much more ahead than other guy and the first step of reading comprehension which is being engaged to be engaged in the reading comprehension is damn important strong and a strong foundation with the doctors biological methods treatment etc is gonna give you a quick edge so wait and watch you can click on the other videos on the right side of the panel the left and we wish you all the best and see you soon again thank you very much.

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