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CAT Preparation Lectures: Verbal Ability for CAT

Alright let's get started welcome to session number two we are mainly focusing on a book called normal lewis Word power made easy which is one of the most important book for any competitive exam if even if you're preparing for GRE GMAT or BANK PO or even a CAT exam it's damn important to let's start if you remember in the last session we did some roots like ego and the two words which we did was egoist an egotist not we are going to the next level where we are playing around with ego and the first word of the day is egocentric centrum center means the point the center point any person who keeps ego or me in the center is called as egocentric or you can also say this word is the same on synonym to egotist which means self-centered moving forward the next one is altered ALT keyword if you remember in the last session ALT keyword means other or different the number one word for the day is altercation alteration.

Alteration is a verbal dispute a dispute between two persons three portions it's not a manly dispute it's not a physical dispute its a verbal dispute arguing with each other is called as altercation moving forward oka quick question alternate I don't want want to date this girl I want an alternate girl what do you mean by that? you want something other to alter (something other) it's called as alternate moving forward there is another word called as alteration you go to a tailor go to a tailor and you ask him I wanna alter this pant.

What you mean alter? you wanna make your pant short or long it reminds me.

think about it ??? I know your thinking about to do short.


alternate means alternate I do know whether it is gonna be short or long bt alter it if I am getting fat then loosen it if I am getting leaner than tighten it.

To alter means making it different it's not about short or long is called alteration another important word which is one of my favorites again is called alteregoalter means alternate or other and ego means I alter means alternate or other and ego I what you mean by that? does it mean alternate I?take about two seconds of time and tell me the meaning in fact you can pause the video if u want alternate I what do you mean by that alternate eye means you meet somebody and you find this person is same as me and your qualities your statistics your physical appearance looks like the same person it's kind of a mirror image alter ego is called as a mirror image next one the four most important word of in fact this book and my favorite book norman lewis is dexterous mean right-handedness anybody who can use his right hand pretty well or in short he an expert synonym for this world is adroit A D R O I T adroit.

Whenever I write this word called adroit it reminds me of Android Android have you heard of this word called android I know you must have android means half machine half man it's nowhere related to that but in the competitive exams just to confuse you they can give adroit / Android Android means half man half machine the synonyms number one dexterous which means right-handedness or an expert is adroit OK there are four different levels of I can say expert or a beginner for example number one word is adroit number two word is gauche number three is sinister i have to put one more word in between which means maladroit ok if I have to pronounce it correctly ok what is the meaning of MAL in English language I no the meaning in Hindi in English language MAL means bad ugly hate, bad, ugly hate maladroit adroit means skillful mal means something bad but the root of the word is skillful again so maladroit means skillful,

 in a bad way itis slightly negative it is slightly it means brain works pretty well but in another direction the next word is gauche means lazy or clumsy gauche means lazy on clumsy sinister is a direct opposite of dexterous which means left-handedness or in Hindi if I had to write it sinful left-handedness or sinful if you remember in the childhood days you used to write in the left hand your mom used to say don't do that its evil in fact in a couple of religious books also being left-handedness means evil four most important words of today's a session adroit, maladroit, gauche, sinister multiple time these words are repeated in your competitive jumps so let's understand this better for example if have to choose four different people in the class and one is adroit next one is maladroit third is gauche and fourth is sinister and I tell them hey! give me an essay about your mom adroit skillful my mom is a well-trained person she is a chartered accountant she's a good homemaker I love my mom thank you very much good essay submitted Adroit skillful in a nice way maladroit brain works but in different direction essay write an essay about your mom.

my mom is ok my neighbors mom is better than my mom brain works but in a different direction maladroit you need brains to think about somebody else's mom and write an essay about that and praise about her maladroit gauche or lazy you know what these are those people in your class if you remember if you see their notebook paper all scribblings and dirty etc lazy clumsy if I ask dear gauche let me call it please write an essay about your mom.

my mom loves to thank you.

Finish submit clumsy or lazy he or she didn't order right it doesn't restrict the ability to turn them on my face and asked me to hold economy more sinister or poppy Ackroyd model droid sinister a droid mean skillful in water drug skillful in different be gone she leave you lonely minister left-handedness or poppy before most of the session today ok let me summarize what we did in the fashionable do evil or eccentric which means test one who has any good the center of the very important altercation is means of verbal dispute between friends or family or donate not this something yes keep all of which means other and,
 the next one dextrose weather pictures means lefthandedness also denied handedness it should root word for texture about you can use right hand pretty well explored export means you support whenever night and drawing I always remember Android Android means half man half machine between half man half machine or alter ego means do shy if I meet somebody is my middle image and will say I will recommend a student who is watching this online are you choose to take the pennant people and you can understand all these words and can keep my writing them in wanted notebook volatilities,
dan Boren said and once you start learning the route you know automotive collecting more words to yourself for one simple reason if you know what the ego you know all the words if you know the last official intro intro which means mankind you definitely know what is misanthrope misanthrope means one who hit man you definitely know what is philanthropic newly collected from the last mission trip love for mankind so what we're trying to do is to assimilate it's like a snowball effect if you can walk in the first few days of repression very hard availability its gonna snow throughout this is national I'm here for him the nomination what part of me really will stay glued and click on the definitions of to understand the words but all the rest and stay cute thank you.

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