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Redmi Note 7 Pro Review: Is it worth the money?

Today, I will be talking about the Redmi Note 7 Pro.
Now, the Redmi phone is doing pretty well in the budget segment but, on the other hand, phones like Samsung Galaxy M30 are catching up real fast which brings us to the question.
Should we buy the Redmi Note 7 Pro? I mean is it still worth it? But, before we get into that.
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Ok so just like the previous generation, the Redmi Note 7 Pro comes with heavy specs under a budget price.
Our Redmi phone is a 4GB variant which starts at Rs 14000, but there is also a 6GB option which you can get for Rs 17000.
Performance wise, no doubt about it, it’sa blockbuster.
That is because the device has a Snapdragon 675, which allows games to run buttery smooth on the device.
To test that, I played PUBG on this device and so this is the kind of PUBG performance you’d see on the Redmi Note 7 Pro.
I’ve have literally set it to full graphics and as you can see, there are no lags when it comes to gaming performance.
However, the issue in the Redmi Note 7 Prois small little lags, that I found generally using the device, which kind of surprised me.
Because, I mean on one side, there is the gaming part where the phone excels and then there is the other side which is routine day-to-day task where Redmi just disappoints.
And, it also slows down at multitasking, particularly when a heavy game is running on one end which honestly, I never expected from a Redmi phone.
But if you want a seamless gaming experience,in this budget, there is simply no better option than the Redmi Note 7 Pro.

Coming back to the lags, what could be the reason behind it? Now like I told you earlier, the Redmi Note7 Pro is high on specs which means, it's probably the user interface to be at fault here, or the MIUI, to be precise.
But before we get into the OS, why don’twe talk about the beautiful glass back of this device so you know that the Redmi Note7 Pro is mostly about wonders.
So this time, the Xaomi device has a shiny gradient glass back which is not just beautiful, but also easily recognizable.
Redmi calls it the new Aura design and itcomes in three variants - what I have with me is a Neptune Blue variant, but there isalso a Space black and a Nebula Red which looks more elegant, if I’ll be honest.
Now, I am very much in favour of the RedmiNote 7 Pro design but you know, there are these small little things which could have been more, refined I guess.

Like it feels a little heavy, because of the all glass build.
Also, the camera bump on the Redmi phone which,which is seriously frustrating.
But, it’s still a reformed design, and I just can’t get my eyes of it, particularly because of the reflective glass and since the smudges are barely visible.
So for me, definitely a thumbs up for the design.
But nothing has really put me off till now except this ridiculous large chin.
For a point of reference, I am using the OnePlus6T so that you clearly understand my point.
Of course it might not be that big of an issue,for everyone, but you know, it is for me.
Now that we are talking about the black bars,let’s not certainly miss the Redmi Note 7 Pro’s dot-shaped notch at the top.
Which is a little different from the notch on the OnePlus or the Galaxy M series.
You know, I, personally, prefer the One Plus style because of the smooth curves on the notch edges, but which one do you prefer,tell me in the comments down below.
By the way, there is a third style which we saw in the Galaxy S10.
So you might want to check our review on that.
So, the Redmi Note 7 Pro has a 6.
3 inch, FullHD+ LCD display.
I would say it’s nice, like it is good inthe sunlight, there is the option of changing the tone of the display, if you want to increasethe contrast or let’s say a warmer tone.
But, I will be honest here.
It’s not the best display in the price segment.
And so if you are looking for a brilliant display to watch movies or lets say youtube videos, for the same price then you can skip the Redmi and go for Samsung Galaxy M30, which is priced at Rs.
15000 and has an AMOLED display.
Plus all of us know that Samsung puts best display’s in their devices Now, coming back to the Redmi Note 7 Pro,it's a good display like it has good colors, it is sharp, the color tones are well - differentiatedbut it’s not something that you won’t find in lesser priced phones.
Now, let’s talk about the USP of the device,which is the camera, the 48 MP Sony IMX586 sensor on the back along with a 5 MP depth sensor.
To test reality of 48 MP, I went on a little field trip and here is what I discovered.
Ok, the basic performance of 48 MP is great.
It clicks fairly colorful and sharper pictures.
But, you know, you won’t see a major difference from the default 12 MP, except for a few little details it adds here and there.
So basically, if you compare the images, you’ll notice no changes, apart from the tags down below.
But when you zoom in, you’ll notice the48 MP is slightly more detailed than the normal one.
I was more impressed with the AI scene recognition,like how it easily understand the scene and fills in the color tones.
Also, the AI interestingly does wonders inthe portrait mode as well.
Like if you see this picture, notice how someguy photo bombed it and the Redmi phone managed to keep both of them in focus.
There is a separate Night mode in the camera app and I think the pictures came out pretty well.
Though, the 48 MP doesn’t help much in the details, in the low light photography.
Now one major issue with the Redmi Note 7Pro camera is the 48 MP is not set to default.
Its like 48 MP is a separate mode altogether.
So it gets extremely frustrating switching it again and again.
Also, you’ll notice sluggish performance when switching from one camera mode to another.
On the front, there is a 13 MP single camera which clicks fair and sharp images.
Though, they felt a little saturated.
Again, here also, the live focus did wonders like the back camera.
Overall, the camera is great but the 48MP lens which people are hyped about, does not add substantial amount of change.
And Xiaomi didn't keep it as the default settings so it might be the gimmick after all.
I mean, I don’t know, I’ll leave it upto you guys.
Let’s move on to the OS.
Now you know the Samsung’s story, right? Where they had this miserable software whichnever got updates.
But then the Samsung experience and the One UI for premium devices came in and changed everything.
It seems like Redmi will soon become the old Samsung.
I mean, look at their MIUI.
It’s like the worst nightmare of a stock Android user.
It’s blatantly unintuitive, lags all over the place, and lots and lots of bloatware.
Also you get ads on the pre-installed apps,which is -- I mean it’s just sad.
The only good thing in the MIUI on the Redmi Note 7 Pro is that it is updated to Android Pie.
So there is the adaptive battery, gesture navigation which is -- by the way very tough to use on MIUI phones.
And some other features of the Android Pie.
There is also the face unlock on the device,of course its not secure and also a little slow.
One of the best features of the Redmi Note7 Pro is the massive 4000 mAh battery.
As you might have noticed -- mine is a pretty heavy usage.
I like to play hard-core games, play music most of the time and facebook scrolling has become my life.
And even with all this, the Redmi Note 7 Pro does not disappoint, even a bit.
It gives like 6 hours of screen time in my normal usage, which is quite good.
Also, the device support fast charging soyou can expect 100 percent of charge in around 90 minutes.
So, I think in conclusion, the Redmi phone is a brilliant device, like it has the 48 MP camera, there is this huge battery, Snapdragon for gaming and shiny eye-catching design.
And all of this, under the price of Rs.
So should you still buy it? That would be a yes because the Redmi Note7 Pro is more like an all-rounder.
Though, there are things which keep it back like the MEUI or the lags but overall, it’s packed with everything you would want in a 2019’s budget smartphone.
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