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RGPV CBGS Mathematics II Syllabus BT 2002 Credit Based Grading System (CBGS)

RGPV CBGS Mathematics 2 Syllabus BT 2002 Credit Based Grading System SET B

As we know that the Rajiv Gandhi Proudhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal i.e. RGPV is the biggest government technical University in the MP and it is only 1 government technical University in this state. The RGPV University present in the syamala Hills , Bhopal and all official work done only in the campus. It has many affiliated colleges which obey the all rules and regulations of that university. 
                    In the current session RGPV launches new courses of those students who are taking admission under the RGPV University Credit Based Grading System (CBGS) and after the completion of that course student will get B. Tech degree from the RGPV University.

               Here we Give the details of 1st year syllabus; please not it very carefully. and it is common for all branches like IT,EC,EE, EX,IP,IEM,CM,BT,BM, CS, EI / IC, CE, ME, FT, TX, AU,
MI, & AT (Information Technology, Electronics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, Bio medical, Mechanical, Fire technology, Textiles, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering Branches) .We are also advised to you please

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RGPV CBGS Mathematics Syllabus - Code BT 2002


The objective of this foundational course is to review mathematical concepts already learnt in higher secondary. This course deep understanding of matrix, differential equations as well as a strong sense of

how useful the subject can BT in other disciplines of learning.


Matrices & Linear Systems: Rank of a Matrix (By reducing it to Elementary Transformation, Echelon & Normal Forms), Solution of Simultaneous equations by Elementary Transformation Methods, Consistency & Inconsistency of Equations, Eigen Values & Eigen Vectors, Cayley- Hamilton Theorem..

Ordinary Differential Equations-I: First-order differential equations (Separable, Exact, Homogeneous, Linear), Linear differential Equations with constant coefficients.

Ordinary Differential Equations-II: Homogeneous linear differential equations, Simultaneous linear differential equations. Second-Order Linear Differential Equations with Variable Coefficients: Solution by Method of Undetermined Coefficients, ByS Known Integral, Removal of First Derivative, Change of Independent Variable and Variation of Parameters.

Partial Differential Equations-I: Definition, Formulation, Solution of PDE ( By Direct Integration Method & Lagranges Method), Non-Linear Partial Differential Equation of First order {Standard I, II, III & IV), Charpit’s General Method of Solution Partial Differential equations.

Partial Differential Equations-II: Partial Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients (Second and Higher Orders Homogeneous and Non- Homogeneous equations), Partial differential Equations Reducible to equations with constant coefficients, The Method of Separation of Variables.


The curriculum of the Department is designed to satisfy the diverse needs of students. Coursework is designed to provide students the opportunity to learn key concepts of matrix, differential equations and their applications.


Evaluation will BT continuous an integral part of the class as well through external assessment.


Dean G. Duffy, Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB, CRC Press, 2013. E. Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Michael GreenBTrg, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, Second Edition, Pearson Education, 2002 (Indian Edition).
B.V. Rammana, Higher Engineering Mathematics, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company, 2007. Shanti Narayan, A Course of Mathematical Analysis. S. Chand & Co. Delhi.
Marwaha, Introduction to Linear Algebra, PHI Learning.

Download Mathematics 2 Syllabus RGPV CBGS BT 2002


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