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RGPV CBGS Engineering Physics Syllabus BT 2001 Credit Based Grading System (CBGS)

RGPV CBGS Engg Physics Syllabus BT 2001 Credit Based Grading System SET B

As we know that the Rajiv Gandhi Proudhyogiki Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal i.e. RGPV is the biggest government technical University in the MP and it is only 1 government technical University in this state. The RGPV University present in the syamala Hills , Bhopal and all official work done only in the campus. It has many affiliated colleges which obey the all rules and regulations of that university. 
                    In the current session RGPV launches new courses of those students who are taking admission under the RGPV University Credit Based Grading System (CBGS) and after the completion of that course student will get B. Tech degree from the RGPV University.

               Here we Give the details of 1st year syllabus; please not it very carefully. and it is common for all branches like IT,EC,EE, EX,IP,IEM,CM,BT,BM, CS, EI / IC, CE, ME, FT, TX, AU,
MI, & AT (Information Technology, Electronics, electrical engineering, instrumentation, Bio medical, Mechanical, Fire technology, Textiles, Computer Science, Chemical Engineering Branches) .We are also advised to you please refer the official website of RGPV; of RGPV; i.e. for more clarification.

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RGPV CBGS Engineering Physics Syllabus - Code BT 2001

Unit I
Quantum Physics
Group and particle velocities & their relationship. Uncertainty principle with elementary proof and applications ( determination of position of a particle by a microscope, non existence of electron in nucleus, diffraction of an electron BTam by a single slit). Compton scattering. Wave function and its properties, energy and momentum operators, time dependent and time independent Schrödinger wave equation. Application of time independent Schrödinger wave equation to particle trapped in a one dimensional square potential well (derivation of energy eigen values and wave function)

Unit II           
Wave Optics
Interference:  Fresnel's  biprism,  Interference  in  thin  films  (due  to  reflected      and
transmitted  lght),  interference  from a  wedge shaped thin  film,  Newton’s  rings and
Michelson’s interferometer experiments and their applications. Diffraction at single slit, double slit and n-slits (diffraction grating). Resolving power of grating and prism. Concept of polarized light, Brewster's laws, Double refraction, Nicol prism, quarter & half wave plate.

Unit III
Nuclear Physic
Nuclear liquid drop model (semi empirical mass formula), nuclear shell model, Linear Particle acceleratos: Cyclotron, general description of Synchrotron, Synchrocyclotron, and BTtatron. Geiger- Muller Counter, Motion of charged particles in crossed electric and magnetic fields. Uses of Bainbridge and Auston mass Spectrographs.

Unit IV
Solid State Physics
Qualitative discussion of Kronig Penny model (no derivation), Effective mass, Fermi-Dirac statistical distribution function, Fermi level for Intrinsic and Extrinsic Semiconductors, Zener diode, tunnel diode, photodiode, solar-cells, Hall effect.

Superconductivity: Meissner effect, Type I and Type II superconductors, Di-electric polarization, Complex permittivity, dielectric losses

Laser and Fiber Optics
Laser: Stimulated and spontaneous processes, Einstein’s A & B Coefficients, transition probabilities, active medium, population inversion, pumping, Optical resonators, characteristics of laser BTam. Coherence, directionality and divergence. Principles and working of Ruby, Nd:YAG, He-Ne & Carbon dioxide Lasers with energy level diagram..
Fundamental idea about optical fiBTr, types of fiBTrs, acceptance angle & cone, numerical aperture, V-numBTr, propagation of light through step index fiBTr (Ray theory) pulse dispersion, attenuation, losses & various uses.

Applications of lasers and optical fiBTrs.

Reference Books: -

1.    Engineering Physics- Purnima Swarup Khare, Laxmi Publication

2.    A Text Book of Engg Physics – N. Gupta & S.K. Tiwary , Dhanpat Rai & Co. , Delhi

3.    Concepts of Modern Physics- BTiser, TMH

4.   Solid State Physics by Kittel ,Wiley India

Engineering Physics-Fundamentals and Modern Applications – by Purnima Swarup Khare, Infinity Press Publications.

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