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GUJCET Chemistry Syllabus | Gujarat CET Syllabus  |  Gujarat CET Chemistry Syllabus 

GUJCET Chemistry Syllabus  | Gujarat CET Syllabus  |  Gujarat CET Chemistry Syllabus:-) In the Gujarat common entrance test i.e. GUJCET  consists of four subjects and here we want to show GUJCET Chemistry Syllabus of chemistry subjects. This GUJCET Chemistry Syllabus will be come in the GUJCET exam. So all the candidates read and right very care fully and learn according to GUJCET Chemistry Syllabus given below the post. For more details of GUJCET Syllabus lease follow official GUJCET notification available at

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GUJCET Chemistry Syllabus 2018

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·                     Chemical Kinetics
·                     Surface Chemistry
·                     p-Block Elements
  • Atomic Structure and Chemical Bonding
·                     Solid State      
·                     Solution
·                     Thermodynamics
·                     Electrochemistry                    
·                    ·                     d- and f-Block Elements
·                     Coordination Compounds
·                     Nuclear Chemistry
·                     Stereochemistry                
·                     Alcohols, Phenol and Ether
·                     Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
·                     Nitro compounds            
·                     Polymer Substances
·                     Bio molecules             
·                     Chemistry in Everyday Life
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