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GUJCET Biology Syllabus   | Gujarat CET Syllabus   |  Gujarat CET Biology Syllabus 

GUJCET Biology Syllabus   | Gujarat CET Syllabus   |  Gujarat CET Biology Syllabus :-) The GUJCET is a Gujarat common entrance test which held on end month of March/April/May. Before GUJCET exam candidates see GUJCET Biology Syllabus for exam preparation. There are many topics in GUJCET Biology Syllabus, so please read and right very carefully GUJCET Biology SyllabusFor more details of GUJCET Syllabus lease follow official GUJCET notification available at

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Important Topics
Plant Biology and Physiology
Genetics and Molecular basics of inheritance
Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration
Biology and Human Welfare
Reproduction in Organism
Biotechnology: Principles and Processes
Human Anatomy and Physiology-I
Ecology and Evolution
Human Anatomy and Physiology-II

1.     ·              Excretion and Osmo regulation in Animal
2.      Movement and Locomotion in Animal
3.     ·                     Nervous System of Cockroach and Humans
4.     ·                     Human Endocrine System        
5.                             Water Relation of Plants
6.     ·                     Mineral Nutrition
7.     ·                     Photosynthesis
8.     ·                     Respiration           
9.     ·                     Animal Nutrition and Digestive System of Cockroach & Humans
10. ·                     Circulation in Animals              
11. ·                     Growth and Development in Plants
12. ·                     Reproduction and Development in Animals
13. ·                     Growth, Regeneration and Ageing
14. ·                     Organism and their Environment 
15. ·                     Natural Resources: Their Kinds and Sources
16. ·                     Biological Resources and Biodiversity
17. ·                     Population – Environment and Development
18. ·                     Food Production       
19. ·                     Immunity and Human Health
20. ·                     Modern Methods of Diagnosis         


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